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Nerf Vortex Vigilon

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  • Series: Vortex
  • Capacity: 5 discs
  • Range: 55-65 feet
  • Year Released: 2011

Now Available!

The Nerf Vortex Vigilon is now available for purchase at

Nerf Vortex Vigilon Review

The smallest of the 2011 Nerf Vortex lineup, the Vigilon is a spring-loaded disc blaster. Slightly longer and bulkier than the Nerf Maverick, this blaster is easy to hold for hands of all sizes, and its nice weight gives the impression of sturdiness. In short, it should appeal to anyone who would like a small disc shooter at their side.

Like the other Vortex blasters, the Vigilon features a tactical rail that makes it compatible with most N-Strike accessories.

The Vigilon features a five disc internal clip system. The clip opens easily enough, thanks to a spring loaded mechanism that you control by flipping a little switch on the side of the blaster.

Loading the discs is simple, but it can cause some headaches at times. The experience reminds me of loading a Pez dispenser — sometimes you’ll have to fight a little bit to get the discs laying flat instead of on their sides. This is a minor problem, but it’s worth mentioning.

To prime the Vigilon, simply slide the top-mounted slider backwards and then push it forward again. Once primed, pull the trigger to fire.

These new Vortex blasters pack quite an impressive range out of the box, and the Vigilon is no exception. Expect it to fire between 55-65 feet when held at a slight upward angle.



  1. I have one comment and one request. First, the Vigilon is not the smallest Vortex blaster, the Proton is. It is a single shot like the Nite-Finder and it’s pretty neat.
    Second, could you please put a link to my site
    Thanks :)

  2. Duck says:

    You can actually load -seven- rounds– six will go in the breech, and, as is often the case, you can fit a seventh if you chamber one.

  3. Dylan says:

    Isn’t the Nerf Vortex Proton the smallest in the Vortex series?? It is only a single-shot gun while the Vigilon holds 5.

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