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Nerf Stampede

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  • Series: Nerf N Strike
  • Capacity: 18 darts
  • Range: 25-30 feet
  • Year Released: 2010

Now Available!

The Nerf Stampede is now available for purchase at

Nerf Stampede Review

The Nerf Stampede is an automatic blaster. It’s a lot like the Vulcan in its execution, but there are a few primary differences:

1. The Stampede is way lighter than the Nerf Vulcan is. In fact, the Stampede is surprisingly portable, and can easily be carried and fired with the same hand (kids will have a hard time holding and firing with one hand, but it shouldn’t be a problem for anyone 12 or older).

2. Whereas the Vulcan uses an ammo belt, the Stampede uses the clip system. And seeing as the Stampede is an automatic blaster with a high rate of fire, Nerf has introduced a new 18-dart clip with the launch of the Stampede.

3. The Stampede does not have an automatic pump mode, meaning that batteries are required.

Rate of Fire

In my testing, I found that the Nerf Stampede fires approximately three shots a second. If you don’t want to go full automatic, firing single shots is also very easy to do, as the number of darts fired is determined by the length of time that you suppress the trigger.


I was very pleased with the range. I’d estimate that most shots travel between 25-30 feet, which is really pretty impressive considering that the gun is battery operated.


The Stampede comes with two primary accessories: The shield and the tripod. Both accessories are removable, and use the tactical rail — meaning that they can also be used on other guns that feature the tactical rail in the Nerf N-Strike line.

In addition to using the clips that come with the Stampede, you can also use the drum from the Nerf Raider to further increase the dart capacity.


As with all clip system Nerf guns, the Stampede ECS uses streamline darts.


The Stampede requires 6 D batteries to use. As mentioned above, there is no manual pumping mechanism, so this Nerf gun will not work without batteries.

Also, be aware that the Stampede does make a rather loud ‘pew pew’ sound when it’s fired. While I find the sound pretty unoffensive, parents with children who might play with the Stampede for hours on end may want to make sure that they have a good spot outdoors in case the sound gets on your nerves.

I was not able to find a shut off switch for the sound effects, but ultimately the sound does serve a purpose — it does a great job of masking the mechanical sound of shooting the gun (which would be far more annoying).


The Nerf Stampede ECS is an absolute blast to play with. It couples the rapid automatic action of the Vulcan, but it comes in a much smaller and manageable package. The rate of fire and range are both excellent, and in the end, any Nerf fan should be able to have a lot of fun with the Stampede.

Pick one up when they come out in September.


  1. drewg10 says:

    This gun looks awesome. I can’t wait to get it.

  2. Is this one compatible with the 35-dart clip? That would immediately double the amount of ammo in the blaster before you need to reload.

    • fb2299 says:

      My only problem with this gun is it takes 6 d size batterys wich cost heaps. But everything else is great inclouding the range,how fast it shoots and how good it looks.

    • spoo says:

      yes, the Stampede is compatible with the 35- Dart Raider drum magazine. it also works with the Alpha- Trooper 18-Dart clip, although its pretty usless- as the Stampede comes with 3 18 dart clips and a 6 dart quick reload clip.

    • First Knight says:

      yes, it is compatible with all drums and clips (although I wouldn’t advise using a six-dart clip). and, that would be double minus one (unless you stuff an extra dart in).

    • Eric says:

      Yes!!! I have done it and it is awesome!!!!11

  3. avatar7890 says:

    This gun looks purely amazing. Best new gun in australia. Your Reviews are amazing and yes Haleymartin, the stampede is compatible with the 35 dart clip

    • Gunguru127 says:

      If you use the raider cs-35 drum, that brings it up past the vulcan, as the Vulcan holds and shoots only 25 darts per reload, compared to the drum’s 35 darts. Also, the Vulcan gets jammed every time you shoot it.

  4. nick says:

    this gun is freaken awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s like the nerf vulcan, except lighter and faster!!!!!!!! it really does fire 3 darts per sec. if you like rapid fire guns,you’ll love this!! it does run out of darts fast though. the sheild covers about, if your a kid,, 10%. teen, 20%. so, in general, it’s a good sheild. it gets heavier when you add the D batteries. it has a pop out bi pod, that doubles as a hand grip. nice. it usualy costs anywhere from $45.00 to $55.00. i got it for $44.00 at target 2 days ago. again, it really is an awesome gun. i would recomend this gun to any one that can about 2 to 3 pounds (light!!!) and loves rapid fire guns.

  5. louis says:

    Yes it is a lot like the Vulcan. I had a chance to test fire the new Stampede and really enjoyed it. It wasn’t as heavy as I’d expected, though it is quite large. I must say, my accuracy during target practice was pretty impressive!

  6. Pheon Teh Wanderer says:

    As far as I’m concerned, this gun is the best Nerf gun I’ve ever owned, It is the center piece of my arsenal.

    His name is Vash, and together, we’ve slain many zombies.

  7. Some Guy says:

    I have this gun and it is amazing. It fires slightly slower than the vulcan, but not a difference that you will notice. It is surprisingly portable, and the inbuilt scope is pretty good. I don’t use the shield, but the bipod is really helpful. Maybe even more so if you put the 18 dart drum in it, because the normal 18 dart clips that come with the gun touch the floor when you extend the bipod. Another good factor though is that it comes with 3 of these clips! And reloading is so fast! Great gun.

  8. william says:

    i got this bad boy little over a month agao and love it. my fav blaster ever.

    good range, accuracy, reliability. i do not war without this now

    however a few small things to make it more fun:
    remove shield. it is useless and gets in way and ina nerf war does not cover anythign practicle just adding extra weigt to front of gun.
    remove bipod ONLY if you want to add it to another gun (great on longstrike) this makes a nice handhold to keep accuracy up but is optional if you want or not.

    swap clip for 36 barrel from a raider CS-35. its a larger clip so better for gun b4 reload and size supports it nicer than a long clip. infact do a straight swap as raider looks good with 18 clip.

    mods: non needed and being auto i did not risk it

    atatchments: gun is good as is with bopod however standard addons like red dot and scope will make aiming easier.

    cons: only negative i had with this gun was that it was full auto needing rather chunky C batteries. if it had a manual bolt like vulcan for when your low on charge in battle field would be perfect

  9. Albert says:

    This gun is awesome! I finally beat my friend with it because of its transport function. The only negative part of it is that you need to have the batteries and it doesn’t have the manual bold like the vulcan. I think this gun should be used in the charge!!!!

  10. ERS says:

    When I pulled this gun out of the box, it looked very impressive. Even after putting in the 6 D batteries I could easily hold it with one hand. The ranges were excellent, 30 – 35 feet. The sheild is really effective against incoming darts and the sight is accurate. Useful gun for all missions. Awesome!

  11. PERSON says:

    Even if you dont like automatic guns(me), this is a good thing to buy for the accessories. If you prefere a modded longshot as a weapon slap a 18 dart clip and the tactical shield, pop down the longshots bipod and the shield covers most of you if your shooting from atop a crate like object. If not, the clip could get in the way for on the ground shots but would not for anything else( and who takes shots on the ground?) The tactical shield device would be good with a barricade( ive literally seen my little bro slap darts from the air with it) So, the tactical shield isnt a conventional shield like your treating it. Its awesome if you use it right.

  12. Steelforcer says:

    I Don’t have this nerf gun, but it looks really cool. I wasn’t really interested with it until I saw some facts and videos of it. Now I really want it.

  13. Pheo teh Lolz says:

    When I pulled this gun out of the box, it looked very impressive. Even after putting in the 6 D batteries I could easily hold it with one hand. The ranges were excellent, 3 – 5 feet. The *shield is really effective against incoming lolz and the sight is accurate. Useful gun for all missions. Awesome!

  14. Nick says:

    This is not the best gun out there 3rd on my list.
    Pros-Fast, and effective.
    Has a forgrip+bypod.
    18 shot clips (or 35 with Raider Drum).
    Electronic-NO PUMPING YAY.

    Cons-Heavy-compared to 97% of the other nerf guns out there this is a pain to carry, your arms will be tired of carring this because of the 6Ds.
    Very large and bulkey (spelt wrong?)
    Tactical shield usless (if you use it your crazy, sugest for beginers who will get hammered).
    Forgrip kinda comes off easily, not on very well if you bump into something POP its off…

    Overall I would not use this in a war unless im defending a fort or someting….
    Very usefull for pissing off the other team with the tactical shield but falls off a lot to.


    Thats my review…..

  15. Griff496 says:

    Just got this gun today, so here’s a review.
    Gun itself is good, much better than the Vulcan. If you put on a carry strap (included in my value pack from Costco) it becomes much easier for one handed use. Foregrip/bipod is handy, and the shield is fun to use on other guns (Nitefinder looks “great”). The new clips work perfectly with my other guns, and if you have a flip clip handy, you can put two of the clips back to back (looks ridiculous in a funny way).

    Best part for me was the fact that it gave me a direct upgrade to all my other guns.

  16. Psychoplankton says:

    Epic Christmas Gift.

    Only con is the weight but it isn’t that big of a deal.

    First time my parents got into me and my sisters nerf war

  17. cam322 says:

    This is the most popular best gun of any “toy” gun. Got it for Christmas and couldn’t put it down. I recommend it to anybody

  18. coldicebox says:

    This is a wicked gun and i can easily dual 2 of these bad boys and reload with almost no problem so if u love nerf guns get off ur lazy but and buy 1 (or 2) of these guns so u can pwn all of ur friends with it ;DDD

  19. Nate says:

    wow that gun shoots fast, 2 sec. for a clip, 6 sec. for a extended clip, 6 sec. for a small barrel(alpha trooper),24.333……for a belt (although it doesn’t work, and only 11.666…… for the full barrel! I hope to get it soon.

  20. victor says:

    AWESOME GUN, just got it today.i was surprised how big it is. The only downside NO manual shooting, but still comes in handy in a full on battle:):):):)

  21. william says:

    now that gun has been out for a while and tried by most jsut a question. anyone finding the 18 clips are jamming on load after a month or 2? i keep getting jams 1/2 in the clip making the whole clip useless in any practical situation and have since gone to using alot of 6 clips and 36 barrels.

  22. christian howard says:

    I have had no trouble, but it isn’t as good as some of the other guns in my opinion

  23. sam says:

    I got this gun 3 months ago and it is BEAST! I had a nerf war lately and I Demolished. This is definitely one of my favorite guns.

  24. Person says:

    Can the vulcan’s tripod be used with this gun

  25. Jimbob says:

    Im getting this gun today. Well at least i think i am. I might get the recon. But the stampede is probably gonna be my choice. I have used it at a friends house and it is sick. But the noise sounds a bit loud. When i used my friends stampede i held down the trigger and it shot so hard and fast thatit broke my friends mums wedding glass photo frame! Trust me, none of your friends will have a chance against you with this monster!!!!!

  26. Red Skulkz says:

    The best Nerf gun ever with the automatic shooting in a gun lighter than the Vulcan has got to be amazing. And I can see why they called it the stampede because thats what you do with it, just charge forward and let the bullets fly. Another good feature I think is the tactical shield when my little bro hides behind something, (like a bed, sofa etc.) he can completely shield his face and still see where I am and shoot like hell.

    The only downsides are it is a bit too heavy with the 6d batteries and the clips get in they way sometimes so my advice is buy two raiders and take The two 35 dart barrels from them and give them too the stampede and make sure you get the stampede super value pack to give two 18 dart clips and one 6 dart clip too each raider.

    Thank you for reading my review

    • william says:

      i do the same thing. but for a lazy method buy a few alpha troopers for $20 and use the drums. i dislike the long clips as ive had 9 18 clips ina row all jam when loading so i have to give up ont hem. but ontop of that the drums jsut look nicer ont his gun.

      also if you think sound is bad try having someone mod it. with no airrestrictor and pure plunger its just clunk BANG clunk BANG! its so annoying yet evilt o hear

  27. adam says:

    Can anyone tell me how to convince your parents in to getting you more nerf guns??

    • Vortex says:

      Well, there is basically no way to get your PARENTS to get YOU a Nerf gun, just wait ’til your birthday or Christmas, it’s almost out of the question. But getting the gun YOURSELF is a COMPLETELY different matter. I don’t think they would have a problem with that, so let’s just hope you’ve got a lot of money stashed away, because this gun is TRULY the most expensive Nerf gun (or pretty close) + the 6 D batteries it will cost you HEAPS. i got this gun for Christmas, and it was TOTALLY AWESOME. Well, Anyway, I can’t give you any way of convincing them except asking them for Christmas or your Birthday (It’s basically your only hope)

  28. mtjar61 says:

    Can anyone tell me what the battery life is like on these?

  29. Vortex says:

    Awesome Nerf gun!
    The price, i think, is OK, because this gun is THE BEST.
    It’s really cool when you make a fort, like a bunker, You should try it sometime. Awesome gun though.

    P.S.: I am TEN years old and i can hold the gun perfectly fine.

  30. Izuma says:

    i have to say, the best battery opperated auto nerf ever, execelent handeling, rate of fire, accuracy, power, and average portability

    but i do prefer the vulcan for fort defending
    my dream arsenal, Stampede, 2 spectere, 2 magstrikes, 2 ssa1, bandoiler strap, tatical vest, tons of clips and ammo, 2-35 drum mags, and a longshot

  31. adam says:

    not allowed to buy my own nerf gun and my parents r not goin to buy me one! but they could always change their minds…

  32. adam says:

    i am not allowed to buy my own nerf gun and my parents r not goin to buy me one! but they could always change their minds…

  33. JumBa says:

    What i found is the Stampede has a slower rate of fire than the Vulcan, though it is way lighter. If anyone is going for the Vulcan or Stampede, take the Stampede

  34. devil says:

    getting the gun tomorrow
    *wish they made nerf guns that look more realistic

  35. devil says:

    i finally got the stampede and i think it is a great gun i recomend for you to hav the recon or the raider first cause
    an 18 dart clip just isnt enouf unless you find the special edition 50 dart drum mag that comes with it.
    here are the pros and cons of this gun.
    18 dart magazine and 3 ov them plus 1 extra 6 dart clip for some apparent reason.
    full auto this is awesome an it shoots 3 darts per second.
    very powerful will obliterate your opponents.
    blast shield for more defensive play, I recommend to put it on the top rail above the sight so you can scope and shoot.
    bipod- perfect grip for hand and when carreing around, i love it how you press the button on the handle then slings out 2 arms as a bipod.
    6 tactical rails, the most tactical rails on any nerf gun.
    reloading so much easier and far better than the recon and other slide reload guns.
    shoots aroun 30 feet when held straight and 50 feet max when held on an angle.

    both sides of gun have these weird gear thingies which have no point in being there this does not affect the gun at all but just looks a bit silly.
    the D batteries, 1 you need six of them and they are really heavy two they are damn expensive
    and three cant they have just had one 9 volt battery.
    the guns bipod is pretty pointless when using the 18 dart clip cause you have to kneel instead of lying down and letting the bipod do all the work but this can be fixed by having the recon and putting its red dot sight on and attaching the bipod on its tactical rail. but it does slide around a bit.
    i think this is a great gun and i would rate it 9.5 out of 10
    i would recommend it to people who already have a few nerf guns.

  36. Pat says:

    I just bought this gun, and I feel that nerf could take it down a notch to C batteries. This would both cut cost and weight, as D batteries are not only expensive but heavy. Overall, it’s great. A manual pump mode would be great, as it would allow you to go “off-battery.”

  37. jake castro says:

    how far can the gun could go because other are better than other thats why and also where can i buy a very cheap one

  38. Protester says:

    I’m pretty sure that the reason you couldn’t find a switch for the “sound effects” was because they weren’t “sound effects.” It’s the sound of the gun firing.

  39. Bob says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEATS VULCAN AND LONGSTRIKE HANDS DOWN! REPLY TO AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. random says:

    you can get the raider barrel off ebay for about $15

  41. Skeli says:

    I have this problem with the gun. I was reloading it and it fell off the table which wasn’t real sturdy to begin with and now it wont shoot at all. Does anyone have any ideas on how i can fix the problem of it not shooting?

  42. Random says:

    i have had the stampede for a while and the weight got in the way so i just changed the battery with a 12v rc battery and also cut most of the front of the gun off(very easy and effective mod) and know it is the best gun i have.

  43. Cookie says:

    like the vulcan but 1000 times better

  44. callum says:

    acctualy its called a bipod wich means 2 legs not tripod wich means 3 legs


  45. Tommy says:

    I Like the Stampede But The Vulcan EBF 25 is Way Better. 1. It has Manual shooting. 2. I Like The Belt Better Then The Clip. 3. The Vulcan’s Tripod is Better Then The Stampede’s Bipod. And 4. The Vulcan is 5 or 10 Dollars Cheaper. So if You had to Choose 1 of Them, Choose The Vulcan EBF 25!

  46. danny says:

    i was looking for a full auto gun that doesnt need pumping to hook up to a sentry gun trap i am working on. this is perfect

  47. Dan says:

    My friend has got this gun and I think it is really cool. However I can easily beat the Rate of Fire with my Alpha Trooper and beat the range with my Maverick. So do I need it or should I wait until the 2011 n strike blasters come out later this year sometime (hopefully) and then decide.

  48. Jonny says:

    Well, when i first got it, AWESOME, but later, not as good.

    You See, it’s like an M16 nerf. Although it has way more attachments. It’s got the shield (awesome when in some type of cover like a box, because if you didn’t have the shield people could shoot your exposed head) which has saved me MANY times. Can’t get that with the vulcan. Then the bipod. Now, i have a recon which i use frequently and i frequently hide under cars/bushes. A bipod is what i need. Then, for the gun itself. not as high a rate of fire as vulcan, and eats up battery power. I remember one war i had. The most important war of my life. It was a FFA (for the noobs: Free for all) and the winner would get CoD Modern warfare free. Of course, i chose this ULTIMATE gun to compete. I barely fired my first shot when the batteries died. And so, i was stuck using my secret strike (i should’ve used maverick, but i couldn’t carry it. the secret strike can hang from your belt.) to win Cod. Since then, i’ve used the vulcan, a mini turret capable of firing at a higher rate. The best part of the Stampede is the upgrades for the other guns. The bipod, 18 dart clips, and the shield. Buy this and the recon and you’ll have upgrades for all future guns. The only gun you need now is the longshot for the scope, reliability, accuracy and range. I’ve had that gun for like 3 to 5 years now, can’t remember, and the only problem i had was one jammed dart which we had to take the gun apart to get out. Then, not one problem for like 3 years. no jams AT ALL and perfect performance. The stampede is great, but not that great.

  49. Julian says:

    Honestly this gun is only good for the extended mags.just buy a raider or alpha trooper because it’s rate of fire and range are much better and they don’t weigh as much.

  50. Bubs69 says:

    This gun by far is the class of the field. The best machine gun that is on the market today. only own 2 but would have never bought the vulcan had this one came out first. Top notch all the way around. WAY TO GO NERF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Darth says:

    Is there any way to get spare 18-round “stick” magazines? I tried one in my raider and they work perfectly (gives it a sten look too). Thinking about jungle-taping them together if I could get them…

  52. Striker says:

    This was my favorite gun in 2010-2011, but the new Nerf Vortex looks pretty darn sweet. I’m picking up a couple this weekend.

  53. kaput says:

    It’s horrible. The batteries are used up fast and the bullets get chewed up. Get a Vortex, it’s much better.

  54. I love the Stampede. Dude top fav ever! The only thing that pisses me off is the shield. I don’t if mine is defective or not but man does it ever give the buzz kill of a lifetime. Other than that…5 stars. Truly

  55. Xployalist says:

    I had a Stampede. It was fun, but it chewed through batteries, and once the batteries were dead it was useless. The Vulcan is more reliable in that it has a single shot mode in case the battery goes kaput. If you need to travel somewhat lighter, use the Stampede, but if you need reliability, use the Vulcan.

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