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Nerf Raider

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  • Series: Nerf N Strike
  • Capacity: 35 darts
  • Range: 25-30 feet
  • Year Released: 2009

Now Available!

The Nerf Raider is now available for purchase at

Nerf Raider Review


The Nerf Raider came out this week, and I’ve finally had enough time to play around with it to write a review.

The N-Strike Raider  features a 35-dart magazine. The magazine is detachable, and though I haven’t seen any replacement magazines for sale as of yet, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be able to swap out your empty magazine for a fully loaded one. An additional bonus is that the magazine on the CS-35 is compatible with the Nerf Longshot and Recon.

The Nerf Raider CS-35 also features two firing modes — single fire, and slam fire. If you’re considering buying this Nerf gun, chances are, you’re most interested in the slam fire mode.

To use slam fire mode, you just have to hold down the trigger and pump the front grip. Each time you pump the grip, the Raider fires a dart. At first, performing this motion is a little awkward, and you’ll probably have some accuracy problems when you first get the gun from shaking it while pumping. However, it only takes a little practice until you’re able to hold the gun steady while pumping.

The rate of fire on the Rapid Fire Raider CS-35 is awesome. I’m averaging about 2.5 shots per second, which is a lot of fun. Of course, that means you can unload the entire magazine in about 12 seconds, so you’re going to spend a lot of time refilling the magazine. This is a small price to pay in my opinion, because this very well may be the most fun Nerf gun I’ve played with.

The range on the Raider is better than I expected, given the firing mechanism of the gun. You can expect to routinely hit anywhere from 25-30 feet. I haven’t had a chance to mod mine yet, but I’ve been told that removing the air restrictor can add about 10 feet to the range. This seems believable to me, as the internals look very similar to the Recon, which gets a similar boost from air restrictor removal.

All in all, I’m extremely happy with the Nerf Raider. It’s one of the most unique guns that Nerf has ever made, the construction is solid, and it’s an absolute blast to unload.


The Nerf N-Strike Raider CS-35 will be coming to a store near you this fall.

This Nerf Tommy Gun looks really promising. It features a 35 dart magazine that you can empty in either single shot or automatic mode.

The N-Strike Raider CS-35 will cost $35 (yup, that’s one dollar per dart that the magazine holds). No official word yet on whether you buy new magazines to pop in and out, but here’s hoping.

One thing’s for sure: we’re really going to have to stock up on ammo, as I know for a fact that I will lose at least 34 of the 35 darts in about…well…35 minutes.

Regardless, I want wait to pump my friends full of darts while yelling ‘keep the change you filthy animal!’

Here’s Nerf’s official unveiling of the Raider:


  1. Animod says:

    Ok well I happen to have this gun. Don’t ask how. But it is a really good gun and the only drawback I happened to have with it is it does tend to jam up every once in a while which leads to taking the drum out and firing the round in it then re-inserting the drum. good for about 12 more shots then all over again. I gave it a 9 but would have been a ten if automatic and didnt jam up. Best nerf gun I’ve ever played with and I have most of the n-strike guns.

  2. CAX Leader says:

    this gun is very good. firing 35 darts and the stock is comfortable. i give it a 10/10. best nerf n-strike gun that uses streamlines so far. and a very good gun as good as rapid fire as-20. and to let you know there is no spartan ncs-12 or semperfire rf-200

  3. Chuck says:

    Well, The gun isnt supposed to be out yet. Though, the explanation is really simple. The guy at Hasbro in charge of expedition send the guns to early to the stores, and they are selling them before the release date. So you can get one to wal mart right now if you want.

  4. KValentine says:

    I just picked one up today at Walmart ($34) and am enjoying it immensely. It comes with 100 darts, so I ‘ll need some refill clips to make use of the extra.

    Reloading is my only complaint since reloading each of the 35 darts is slow and I’m open to retaliation.

  5. shab says:

    I bought it and it is awsome . has a $5.00 off coupon to print off for any gun over $19.99 but the gun is a pain to reload it is best to have some backup weapons with you in a battle such as the maverick (I’m not saying the maverick should only be a backup weapon) , the crossfire , or something else that is easy to reload . it is also about the size of the recon (not including the drum). it’s a sweet gun.

  6. David says:

    I have the gun it is not pump, its cock-action, where you cock the dang thing in front then pull the trigger for single shot mode, or you can coan hold down the trigger while cocking it to get the slam fire thingy, it gets 20- 23 feet flat, which kinda sucks, but it is worth it, and guys, ive had it for 3 weeks and it only has jammed on me 5 times, and my darts look almost no different from when i got it.

    • Me says:

      It’s not pump, or cock-action (I think you just made that up :P ) but it’s pump-action, and you cock it..

  7. Mac says:

    HI its me Mac and i just got this sweet raider.
    Here is a list of some good things.

    1. Best Feature: Slam Fire is Fast
    2. About 75ft range.
    3. Has the best aim with recon scope to look throo
    4. The Drum Magazine tells how much is left.
    5. Shoulder Stock is comfortable.
    6. Rail helps accuracy.

    • coldicebox says:

      this gun would be just about perfect but theres only 2 problems it jams alot and if ur left handed (which im not) it would weigh too much

  8. Thad says:

    In my honest opinion, this gun is a little overrated. I bought it for the drum mag, but of course a played around with it a little. It’s range really isn’t on par with the recon or longshot without their barrel attachments. Accuracy is just about on par with the recon. Rate of fire is the raiders trump card over the recon and the longshot. This is due to the fact that the gun is pump action as opposed to slide or lever action. The “slam fire” mode increases the fire rate even more, but it’s more for if your moving fast or have multiple people in your face. One issue with slam firing is that if you don’t follow through with your pumps, the pump will get locked up. This can get pretty annoying. The drum magazine is very nice, but I feel that it’s something hasbro kinda just threw on the raider as either marketing ploy or a last minute pre-production design development. I use 6 round mags on the raider cuz it feels as if the drum magazine wasn’t really made for the gun.

    All in all i have to say that it’s a pretty decent gun. It’s performance is pretty much on the recon’s level except that it’s a lot quicker to shoot than the recon. If you want the gun with the best shot I’d say go longshot, but if you want a gun with a higher rate of fire and a 35 round drum mag then go raider. If you want the gun with the best shot and a 35 round drum mag then buy the longshot and the raider. Then put the drum mag on the longshot :P .

  9. Spirit Juggler says:

    I find it jams really easily if you try for the hold down the trigger and just pump method of fire. Oh and I reckon you need to be left handed (I am) otherwise the clip blocks your line of site. If it doesn’t jam though it is an awesome gun and great in a nerf war. My only other gripe id that the clip is so stiff that it doesn’t just slide out for easy reloading.

  10. Tom Tomlinson says:

    We were disappointed tonight to bring home the Raider Rapid fire CS-35 and discover that the Slam Fire Handle seems to be locked in the forward position. I can not see on the gun a release point to cause the slide to be released for re-cocking the gun. Any help out there on how to free the Slam Fire Handle? Thank you in advance for any ideas.

  11. Agentrok says:

    An interesting fact: The CS stands for clip system (the dart type.) and the number after it is the ammo capacity. For the vulcan, EBF stands for electronic belt fed. REV is revolver. Didn’t figure out the rest yet though.

  12. GMS says:

    @nerf warrior {et al}

    You can INSERT Whistler/Sonic Micro Darts or standard (suction cup) Micro Darts into the CS-35, but they won’t fly out of the barrel because the heads/tips of those darts tend to catch on the barrel. Therefore in the end, the CS-35 is only compatible with Streamline Micro Darts.

    If Nerf had only increased the diameter of the barrel, then all Micro Darts would work. It’s not like the barrel(s) actually make a difference anyway.

    P.S.: Air restrictors SUCK! The practical range and energy of Nerf makes it so that the combat distance has to be so close, it’s as my younger brother says, “If I’m out of ammo and there’s some on the floor, I’d just throw them at people. I can THROW stronger than Nerf guns shoot!”

    P.P.S.: If you’re going to buy Nerf {or anything for that matter}, either read up on LOTS of reviews and even then don’t have too high of an expectation, or make sure you’re shopping at a place that accepts returns in case you end up disliking it.

  13. Ishmael says:

    My friend has this gun and it is great! It doesn’t shoot very far but modded, it shoots almost as far as the recon modded. It has never jammed and the stock fits in your shoulder perfectly. In slam fire mode, it is not as acurate, but it is really fast. Like the man said, it takes practice. It is hard to tell which is better; this or the vulcan. It shoots farther, doesn’t jam as much, but doesn’t shoot as fast. Also, you don’t need to worry about reloading. If you have to reload, you must be a really bad shot.

  14. Javan says:

    To Questions: It’s a hard decision, the three best guns I own, (recon, raider, longshot)all use streamline, orange with a slanted rubber tip, they do well, I used to use only dart tag bullets, they shoot harder than any other bullet and they hurt the most but, they are compatible with very few guns. suctions don’t do well for me sonic micro darts are nice and similar to streamlines. Remember, you’ll get lucky a few times, dart tags work great with my maverick and pretty well with my nitefinder. hope this answers your question, happy holidays!

  15. Johnny says:

    Got this a few days ago. This think is oodles of fun to fire. Slam fire is fantastic, and single fire works just as well. This is my first “big gun”, and I am a little bit disappointed at this thing’s accuracy, although the positives outweigh the negatives. Nerf really went out of its way to make this thing user friendly, as there’s easy access to the chamber if it were to jam (no jams yet!). Complaints? Besides the previously mentioned accuracy issue, the drum is a bit too obnoxious looking. 35 shots is great, especially for a gun that empties out rather quickly, but when they’re in a drum that has a six inch diameter, it’s a bit excessive.

    Like I said, though, this thing is bunches of fun, where the positives outweigh the few negatives.

    Now. If you’ll excuse me, I have some teddy bears to blast into oblivion :D

  16. Mandalorian Raider says:

    I got the Flip Clip thingy and it has a Raider on the front why would you use that if you have that huge drum thingy?

  17. Rblake says:

    My son bought this awesome nerf tommy gun yesterday. Everything on it works very well. We’ve fired over 500 rounds through it so far and it hasn’t jammed yet.

    I love the 35 round capacity and doesn’t jam. Sure, you can fire through them quickly, but you don’t have to. You can easily outlast anyone else if you’re not firing away like a brain-dead laboratory chimp. The drum may look akward, but the gun handles very well, and the drum makes a nice face shield! lol I should mention it hasn’t jammed yet. The drum loads/works very well. I am happy with the stock range: I generally get 20-30 feet. Test fire info: 10 shots fired flat with normal firing: 20-30ft with an occasional +/-5ft. Slam fire flat, 10 shots: 25-30ft with an occasional (1 in 10) dud dropping at 10ft. 10 angled shots normal: 2 were 15-25 feet & 8 went 35-50ft. 10 Angled shot slam fire: 1 went 15 feet, the rest were 25-40ft. Accuracy (normal fire): I can easily hit a 1L soda bottle at 12ft, a 7yr old at 20ft and get within atleast 3 feet around someone at 30+ft. That’s good in my book, considering drag causes the darts to start going in crazy directions at ~20-25ft. The drum fits in the recon & longshot and the magazines fit in the Raider.

    Sometimes it won’t fire if you don’t cock it hard enough, but you can just cock the Raider again without worrying about the Recon’s dreaded double-feed. If there is a drawback to having a 35 round drum, it’s that the reloading takes a long time! When using the slam fire, I did notice two things, 1) I am not as accurate; and 2)dart ranges are sometimes dramatically decreased. Both are to be expected when moving the gun quickly. I also wish it had a sight on the top. There is a plastic rail for accessories, but I wanted regular open sights with the rifle. Also, since I’m nitpicking this gun just to have some cons, I wish it fired the sonic micro’s, too.

    I love this gun. My son bought it, but it’s my first choice. It takes all streamlines, whether new or badly chewed up and spits them out at your opponent without damaging them. While typing this, we fired another 100 rounds…still no jams.

  18. turdex says:

    Overall, this gun is pretty good and I would rate it 9 out of 10

    Firstly, when you first buy it, the pieces fit in nicely, and you pretty much know where everything goes without the instructions. Also, taking out the magazine to reload is pretty easy unless you reload in a wide open area.
    Secondly, the ability to shoot fast and slow allows you to play offensive and defensive – if you are running at or away from the enemy, just shoot at max speed and to reduce them to nothing and if you are hidden use normal speed to hide your location.
    Thirdly, if you look underneath the back handle, there is a small hole that I use to hide a hidden bullet which I use by putting it in through the access hole.
    Lastly, the ability to use this magazine with other clips allows a recon or longshot with a raider to be a perfect match when out of ammo.

  19. mac says:

    Ok i have had this gun for about …… 4 months and 22 days. The gun is cock action. It has a range of exactly 40-45 feet. No doubt about it. I even measured it myself. Next thing to say is that its drum magazine is at its truly finest. Though the weight of the drum carries it down, you know how much ammo you got. Finally, this gun was made to be a sniper. I have use the 2nd version First Recon scope on it. It snipes perfectly. Another really good thing is that it has a slam fire mode. The darts shoot extremely fast. Trust me this is the best review you will ever see of it, typed. I got it before release date . I actually have it next to me now.

  20. ilikeike140 says:

    this is a decent gun but it jams alot in slam fire mode, mine doesnt have much punch or range and it is bulky.

  21. TechWolf says:

    I really love this gun. It’s definitely my primary gun in a nerf war. Also, it says the drum holds 35 darts, but I can easily fit 37 in it. That may not sound like much, but when it comes to the game Humans vs Zombies, those extra two darts could mean the difference between life and zombification.

  22. nerffan3 says:

    My friend and brother have this gun and it has a very good firing rate and decent range (25-30 feet). The scope is a pretty good attachment for it. I’d give it a 9.5/10. The cool thing is, it looks somewhat like an FG-42.

  23. M107 says:

    I would grade this 6/10 because it’s range is only maximum at 29 (single shot) and 32 (slam fire) but it is too loud for sniping so once I tried it on my friend in a nerf battle and I went up to the 2nd floor and he heard it and start shooting me.

  24. matt says:

    i’ve had the raider about 5 moths my biggest problem is the jamming my darts do need replacing my new darts still jam aside from that the drum feels a little clumsy i put that on my recon and had a blast i reccomend the switch clip for the raider all aside it is a great gun (when the drum is on it it makes great head cover

  25. bulletproofvest says:

    When i first got this gun, i was dissapointed about the range. now i have modded it and it hurts to get shot :D . its an awesome gun. I would not reccomend to shoot it outside. for some reason it is rubbish outdoors. but indoors it can shoot about 15 meters. That is good for a nerf gun. and that is after moding. b4 modding (taking out AR’s and compacting spring) it was not as good. It wouldve got about 9 meters b4 modding. Modding this gun is easy compared to others. On my Raider i have a shoulder strap from a computer bag. I use clips with the flip clip attachment. The drum tends to make it jam more often. So, Overral i give this gun a 9.5/10.

  26. nerf dude says:

    Got this awesome raider for my birthday (asked 4 it) and it is amazing.the slam fire is excellent (i can fire of 35 rounds in 13 secs).
    Range isnt brill but i am going to remove the ar s for 35-40 foot. i think it is adequate for an average garden. best bit is when my raider outshined the vulcan in almost every way apart from rate of fire (come on i 10 more darts to blast off)!

  27. nerf user says:

    okay the raider is okay but still it jams and my darts get torn to shreds not to metion even though it has some problems its freegin sweeeeet!!!! okay me and and my freinds have nerf fights we allow four guns to the max i like to have the raider with me as a main weapon and the the maverik as a back up and i have two long range weapons i like the vulcan and the long shot those are good to have in a fight but i only choose one it depends on how many people if theres gonna be like 6-0 long shot if its gonna be like 7-and up vulcan but what i always use in battle is my thunder fury its a good short and long range weapon i can stab people up close oe throw it from a far range but its that accurate if you throw it over your shoulder is more accurate if you throw it sideways so anyways thats what i would do all of these weapons 10/10 100% not even a question about it

  28. shuffle says:

    when i first got this gun the range was decent and it barely jammed.
    Even though i havent used it for ages now every shot jams and each dart goes no more then 3 feet. My gun may just be screwed up but your much better off with a longshot

  29. nerfornothn says:

    This gun is probaboly the best gun i have ever played with… Its range is good, its accuracy is good, and the best part about it is u never run out of bullets. Its a great gun and i seriously recommend it!

  30. Andinerffreak says:

    I bought this Gun and it’s amazing because of the Rapid Fire mode. Does anyone have an offer for a Second Gun for me?

  31. bob says:

    I’m getting one for christmas. Thanks for the reviews!

  32. Das Basdo says:

    it never jams for me. and how do you attach a strap?

  33. ERS says:

    Once putting this gun together I found out it is very light. This gun is my primary weapon in any war. It has an awesome slam handle, and the stock is very useful. The drum magazine can hold 35-38 darts. The ranges are extremely good, up to 40 feet or more ! I was very happy with my purchase. Recommend this to anyone, both beginner and expert.

  34. Ed says:

    may i recommend a magstrike as a weapon of choice? it uses an air pump to fire 10 bullets in one and a half seconds! the bad thing about it is that there arent any spare clips sold for magstrikes because their clips are different

  35. Nick says:

    This gun is amazing!

    Pros-Slam fire
    35 Darts!
    Very comfortable
    good stock
    free forgrip

    Cons-Clip takes a pain to reload
    When you regular fire shoots bad like the recon.

    This is an amazing primary…Gives you a great tactical feel.
    Nothing wrong really just amazing.

    2nd best out there

    Thats my review!

  36. bob says:

    I DID get one for Christmas. I think its amazing. Most people say it shoots about 30 feet. I would say more of a 40 feet range area. If you do slam fire there is an occasional dud, but you’re guarranted at least 35 feet when you use slam fire. There is a few cons though. 1. Reloding the drum magazine takes forever(Unless you are cordinated) 2. If the gun jams your dart is basically ruined. Overall though, this gun is great! I recommend getting one to anyone else who is looking to buy a nerf gun.

  37. Ironhand says:

    The 35-round drum works beautifully, and is a great accessory for other clip firing guns, particularly the Longshot, which I hate having to reload in the middle of a fight.

    I’m disappointed by the gun itself though. Mine has a nasty tendency to lock up when cycling, even without slam fire. When it does this, the slide won’t go all the way forward. To fix the problem, I have to pull back on the slide until I hear a tiny “click” sound, then it slides forward just fine. But it shouldn’t be that finicky in the first place, and if you jam up in a fire fight…

    I HIGHLY recommend getting an ALPHA TROOPER instead of this gun. The action is way more reliable, the drum is smaller and lighter, still holds 18 rounds (which is more than enough for any normal battle). And it has a foregrip slide, so you can still fire it pretty damn quickly, and you don’t have to worry about rail mount accessories getting in the way of your slide.

    So, unless you HAVE to have the 35 round drum, go to Target and get an Alpha Trooper instead. You’ll be glad you did!

    • First Knight says:

      I have the raider and the alpha trooper, and the alpha trooper isn’t nearly as good as the raider. The only good thing about the raider is that it is a bit more accurate. Otherwise, it jams constantly, ruins darts (which the raider has never done for me), and has less amounts of darts. Plus, it is harder to do slam fire and it is harder to put the clip in/out. don’t buy the alpha trooper!! get the best nerf gun ever; the Raider!

  38. ben says:

    i like this gun there are a few problems whith it hear are the pros and cons
    light weat
    larg amo capasity
    you can stor a hiden bolet in the botom of the handel
    it james easile
    when you load it and the bulets are in there for a long time ( 30 min )they will be comprest by the spring in the back
    it have about 10 feet range

    thats about it but as i said in the prose you can store a secret bulet in the handel most peopel dont know this but if you flip the gun around so the handel is facing up there is a hole where you can stor a dart

  39. the dude says:

    Thnx 4 the reviews. I’ve ordered one off

  40. the dude says:

    It still hasnt arrived and on the delivery it said 3-5 days

  41. the dude says:

    It finally arrived yesterday, and it is well worth the wait! The box is quite big, and contains the following: an extendable stock, a drum magazine, the main gun, the clip connector, and 35 clip-system darts.


    The assembly was pretty easy, the hardest at being fitting the clip connector on.

    Drum Magazine:

    The drum is huge, and slightly out of proportion with the main gun, but what does that matter when you’re in a war? The 35 darts last ages, even in slam fire mode. Also, the drum makes a great face shield.

    Single Fire Mode:

    In single fire, the gun is quite accurate, and very powerful; firing 35 feet. With my Recon, a lot of the darts get chewed up, but all my Raider’s darts still look brand new (and I have fired it on single and slam fire loads of times.)

    Slam Fire:

    Slam fire is one of the main reasons why people buy this gun, and I can see why. It is still reasonably accurate, and I reckon slightly more powerful than on Single Fire Mode. It is really handy to have a foregrip to pump, rather than having a slide somewhere on the top of the gun. When I pumped really hard, I emptied the mag in about 20 secs. That’s what I call rapid fire!


    The stock is extendable, and I have no problems with it. It is shaped to fit into your shoulder, which makes it comfortable to use, and it is very sturdy.


    Overall, I think this is the best non-electric CS gun nerf have ever made.

    • person says:

      you should try putting a recon laser on the front tactical rail and a stampede shield on top of that and a recon stock for an extra clip

  42. the dude says:

    And also (sorry I didn’t add this above) it basically never jams.

  43. Fintan says:

    It’s a fantastic gun and it looks like it would be a lot of fun to play with and it looks really cool.

  44. Brandon says:

    I have this gun but ididnt know i had to put the blue attachment on first and now its stuck with my ammo -.- anyway to remove it again?

  45. adam says:

    Out of ammo? Just throw your drum at your target! lol :)

  46. pw says:

    The drum magazine cannot be removed. The mag release catch never worked straight out of the box. Obviously defective and just plain lousy quality control. Be warned by these nerf toys at a store you can return them at.

    At the same time I also bought a nerf maverick rev 6. The cyclinders did not match up with the barrel so it never fired. Poor poor QA.

  47. Anonymous Person says:

    The Nerf barricade is brilliant, it may not be that powerful but its great and a good gun. It has a tacticil rail and a place for a stock to go on. The gun would be better if it had more darts but its great.

  48. devil says:

    i have the raider and the stampede.
    they go together like peanut butter and jelly put the 18 dart mag into the raider [it looks like the type 100 from CoD 5] and us the 35 dart drum in the stampede since it is fully automatic

  49. rollingquestions says:

    Slam Fire Handle stuck in the forward position- does anyone know how to get it unstuck? thanks!

  50. Stanley says:

    Help…!! I just bought my Nerf CS-35, and already tried to play for a while. But now the Slam Fire Handle is stuck/jammed at the front position…..
    How to release the jammed Slam fire handle?

    • Dan says:

      I havent got the raider but instead I have the Alpha Trooper (my second because the first one was a dud). Try pulling it back hard and then slamming it forward. If this doesn’t work take it back and get a new one or sell it. Hope this helps.

    • Fixed Your problem says:

      Alright, I found a solution to your problem. When the handle is stuck in the front position, pull on the drum/mag until it comes out, exposing the chamber of your raider. You probably will have to pull pretty hard. Now, if you jiggle the trigger or the handle, you will notice orange plastic parts around the dart tube moving slightly. These parts are located on the side of the chamber closest to the trigger. you have to take a narrow object (I used a regular eating knife) and push that area back while pulling the slide backwards. This fix your jam :) happy nerfing!

    • Dobby says:

      Umm… have u tried pulling the trigger?

    • TJ says:

      It’s on the manual, man. It went like this: “If the mechanism seems stuck, try PULLING THE TRIGGER.”

  51. P says:

    I had the same prob, i reterned mine. Sometimes drop ing it out carpet helps.

  52. Dan says:

    How would you say it compares to the alpha trooper (range, ease of use, weight and size)? Also I know that they both use slamfire but which one is more effective at it? Plz reply!

    • TJ says:

      I think both are great, but if you want something smaller, lighter, and with a shotgun-style pump, get an alpha trooper. If you like playing dart tag and want something like a Raider, try getting a Quick 16. If, of all things, you want a basic, all-round “overkill” dart rain, get a Raider. The choice’s all yours.
      The alpha trooper’s hard to find, the quick 16 just came out, and the raider is, well, anywhere. That’s my advice. Good luck on your choice.

  53. Julian says:

    This gun is boss.the drum rocks but docent fit on alright because I like it on my brasses alpha brasses raider only shoots 65 feet tops at ptg (parallel to ground )where my alpha trooper shoots 95 feet’s a great investment for this gun because you get the amazing drum.get this gun.take it from an expert.

  54. David says:

    I have this gun and it is amazing

    loads up to 38 darts
    semi-auto slam fire
    fires an average of 30 feet without mods
    jam door to take out jammed darts
    can place a hidden bullet in the handle
    has 2 tactical rails to put accessories like a scope
    comfortable and extendable 4 measure shoulder stock

    air restrictor decreases range
    there is a 1/4 chance that a jammed dart will be destroyed
    streamlines tend to decrease accuracy

    It is great for close to mid range, the month that I have used it so far it has only jammed about 3 times and only 1 was destroyed it has a decent range and the size is pretty good not to small and not to bulky the shoulder stock fits perfectly and with a scope attached it is the real deal and did I mention it is semi-auto and uses NO BATTERIES?!
    anyway it is a great gun and I truly recomend it to anyone I give it a 9.7/10

  55. Andy says:

    Hey this gun looks cool…

  56. Dobby says:

    Absolutely awesome gun!! best yet in my opinion. if you are thinking of buying this gun i highly recommended it. i have NOT modifyed mine and it can shoot up to 55feet in slam fire mode.. infact it shoots further in slam fire mode than normal mode!! truely amazing. It is a must have.

    I give this gun a 11/10… Love it :D

  57. Dobby says:

    Absolutely awesome gun!! best yet in my opinion. if you are thinking of buying this gun i highly recommended it. i have NOT modifyed mine and it can shoot up to 55feet in slam fire mode…infact it shoots further in slam fire mode than normal mode!! truely amazing. I am constantly using this gun and it has NEVER jammed. its best feature has got to be its ammo capacity- a 35 dart drum magazine. this gun is very unique is a must have.

    I give this gun a 11/10… Love it :D

  58. josh says:

    The raider is good .but the stampede is better. The dart drum combined with the stampede is awesome

  59. TJ says:

    I love using the Raider, especially during an all-out ambush. The slam fire may be a little shaky at times, and it can damage darts a LOT, but it’s still a great blaster with me. I saw extra dart drums on eBay and Amazon lately. I think that’s the only place you can get some.

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