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Nerf N-Strike Whiteout Series

The Nerf Whiteout Series takes some of the most popular N-Strike blasters and gives them a fresh coat of white paint.

Personally, I think that these blasters look awesome in white, and I hope that Nerf continues the trend of re-releasing older guns with new color pallets.

Aside from their appearance, these Nerf guns are pretty much identical to the originals. The only difference is that the blasters in the Whiteout Series seem to be made with a slightly lighter plastic (in terms of weight), which I’m pretty happy about.

Originally, these white Nerf guns were only available at Walmart, but they’re now out of production from what I can tell. If you want one, you’ll need to head over to Amazon or eBay.

Just keep in mind that these are limited edition blasters, so they’re only going to become more expensive and harder to find with time.

Whiteout Longstrike CS-6

nerf whiteout longstrike

In terms of appearance, this is by far my favorite Nerf gun in the Whiteout series. The color scheme really looks nice on this blaster.

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Whiteout Nite Finder EX-3

nerf whiteout nite finder

The Nite Finder is a classic Nerf gun. It’s highly portable, simple for people of all ages to shoot, and very affordable.

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Whiteout Maverick REV-6

nerf whiteout maverick

The Maverick tends to sneak its way into every special edition line, and with good reason: it’s arguably one of the finest sidearms that Nerf has ever made.

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Whiteout Deploy CS-6

nerf whiteout deploy

If you have ever wanted a Nerf gun that can turn into a flashlight and back again, then you’ll get your money’s worth out of the Deploy.

In terms of appearance, this is my favorite Whiteout blaster, behind only the Longstrike.

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The Whiteout series of Nerf guns is a nice special edition with a great color scheme, but they won’t be around for very long. If you’d want to grab one before they’re impossible to find, head over to Amazon or eBay.


  1. I would really like to get my hands on the whiteout series deploy cs-6.

  2. gabriel says:

    I have recently bought the nerf longstrike whiteout series and I have to say the paint job is AWESOME and I think it performes a little bit better than the original blue longstrike where I live white longstrikes are stacked to the ceiling at walmart and are selling like hotcakes

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