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Nerf N-Strike Spectre REV-5

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  • Series: Nerf N Strike
  • Capacity: 5 darts
  • Range: 25-30 feet
  • Year Released: 2010

Now Available!

The Nerf N-Strike Spectre REV-5 is now available for purchase at

Nerf N-Strike Spectre REV-5 Review

I have another new Nerf gun to announce: The Nerf N-Strike Spectre REV-5.

I’m pretty pumped about this one. It combines features of the Maverick (one of my favorite Nerf guns) with the Recon (which I think is a bit underrated). In short, my curiosity is definitely piqued.

This is what I know about it so far:

  • It will be available in October exclusively at WalMart.
  • It has a 5-dart rotating barrel blaster.
  • The stock is adjustable.

I’ll update this post with more information as I receive it.


  1. Machinegunkid117 says:

    Hey, the Spectre is already out and it’s awesome. It is my fave. It may not seem like much, but load some streamlines and watch yourself raise hell in nerf wars!

    • Pheon Teh Wanderer says:

      My personal favorite part of this one is the folding stock. it easily slides up through my belt acting as an impromptu holster so i can store it underneath my trench coat. I’m looking forward to trying this with the barricade once it comes out.

      also, I’ve found that it has a similar power as my Maverick. as soon as i learned these two tidbits, it became my new side arm.

  2. cthulu says:

    it looks alot like the maverick without the barrel extension and stock

  3. NerfToast77 says:

    my only question is, does this have slam-fire capabilities? if so i want it, deffinitely, if not i’ll get it, but mainly just for the stock.

  4. Steve says:

    I like the maverick. so this should be a good buy. i dont have it yet but i already have a complaint and a question

    1- my complaint- only holds 5 darts but 6 would be a lot better
    2-my question- What is the stealth barrel going to do? (A surpressor?)

    • Summ Gui says:

      The stealth barrel is for looks and increasing the accuracy of darts only. It looks like a suppressor, it is marketed as a suppressor, but it isn’t.

  5. Spinny says:

    This is a worthy successor to the Maverick, even with the reduced shot capacity. It has about the same range, even un-modded, and is just as accurate (some of the guys in my office are real sharpshooters with the Maverick and now I can hold my own snaking shots between monitors).

    I’m not a fan of the folding stock and that gets left shut in a desk drawer. The barrel extension looks cool, and the tube is wide enough that it doesn’t seem to add any extra drag to shots, so sometimes I leave it on. Other that that, it also is a yawn. The basic gun itself, though, rocks.

    Cocking is smooth and jams nonexistent. You do have to be careful to push the whistlers in all the way or else the tips will drag on the mechanism and keep the barrel from advancing. My other gun is a Raider and with this one I really appreciate being able to chamber any sort of dart that gets shot at me, instead of having to pick through them for just the streamlines.

    Great gun, I highly recommend it!

  6. Soap says:

    Hey all, I’m going to go straight to the point. I am looking for an upgrade from the Recon CS-6. I purchased this gun a few weeks ago, and it’s an awesome gun, but I am looking for a smaller, reliable, and more powerful gun. I am wondering and asking all on this page, how reliable is the Spectre REV-5 and is it better than the Recon CS-6?

    Thanks in advance, Soap.

    • william says:

      hey soap,

      i have gone through several nerf guns and while my reviews of guns ont his site are not always the most loved i can speak from honest truth that between the 2 guns listed you will want the recon.

      HOWEVER do not assume for 1 second a spectre is a poor choice. I will explain my decision after the review.

      froma maverick owner point of view the spectre is a great gun. they have taken a maverick base and improved its effecency. this means that while there is 1 less shot per turn the power output is marginlly higher thana maverick but accuracy while in base pistol is nearly 3 times higher (base maverick is already very accurate i should add so this is scary to see)

      with the ability to add any stock and barrel to a spectre it gives it a nice customisation factor to really make the gun “your gun” that being said the base stock is a bit silly on this gun (good use for it below) however i can not deny a stock on this gun will help reduce gun woble in the untrained marksman and make you very accurate.

      i like that the handle is the same natural and smoth feel of a maverick and the docking system is very simple. i dislike that they removed the maverick pull back for a more recon based one but understand witha stock they had no choice.

      my only dislike is that the barrel while being more revolver in feel with the cocking rotation and tick still suffers the same jam factor if a bullet is missloaded that the maverick had. this is a human fault though not gun and careful loading will solve this issue.

      now that review is over i must say i would liek this as a sidearm in alot of fights but vs a recon i would pick a recon soley for 1 reason. clips. clip based combat is on the rise and with the ease of reloading and being on the fly the recon really does beat most pistols in its class.

      this being said my personal armory currently consists of a recon, spectre, maverick, longstrike and stampede. i use to own the longshot and raider but have since upgraded the last 2 guns.

      if you plan to work on visual upgrades or want some fun with a spectre there is little advice i can offer as the gun does not really go with many attachments well. i liek using a recon barrel but thats just me.

      however the parts from this gun (folding stock and supressor barrel) work very nice ona recon either for a silenced pistol look or together for a fold out assualt rifle if you keep the folding stock onlucked in a folded position (gives a more fast action response feel if playing escort/VIP modes)

      • Soap says:

        Thanks very much william, I have bought the spectre just recently, and it is brilliant! Does everything like what you said :) So far my collection consists of the Raider, Recon, Nite Finder and the Spectre now. What is the Longstrike like? I can’t get one in Australia, My brother owns the Longshot, and its brilliant!

        • ekll says:

          I do not like the longstrike. It looks cool but it does not shoot far. All the other guns shoot father than the long strike. The stock is cool but you ca only put it on the longstrike. My friends longstrike and mine both shoot horrible.

          • william says:

            exactly what he says looks good but is hopeless unless you mod it and if you do its still bad. the barrel actually reduces its power

  7. razster says:

    hey guys – im looking for a reliable gun. small like a maverick but not that. it should be able to shoot quickly and has to be definitely light. cuz when i play with my friends we play all over the house so were runnin evrywhere. which gun woud u guys reccomend

  8. ?????? says:

    what should i get? Spectre, Alpha trooper or the barrel break?

    • william says:

      depends on need. for a quick 1 or 2 shots run around go spectre. if you want 1 shot then leave go a barrel break, sorry but i cant find a practical use for gun in nerf users. if you need a moderate amount of ammo to play for ages go alpha trooper or if you really want a long battle get a stampede

    • Remirez says:

      If i were you i would get the Spectre because it is similar to the Maverick and the Maverick is a BEAST of a gun. The Barrel break is bad because it jams allot and takes FOREVER to reaload. The Alpha Trooper is ok… but jams too much, and is not to impressive. I gess it is your choice, because these guns are all good in there own ways.

      • randomguy says:

        If I were you, I would get the alpha trooper. Spectre is probably the best sidearm or backup/secondary, but if you want a great, high-capacity rapid-fire rifle (that costs the same as the Spectre), then get the Alpha Trooper

        PS. The barrel break is complely pointless. Don’t get it.

  9. Vortex says:

    The silence barrel doesn’t work at all though.

  10. JDawg says:

    Regarding the longstrike, I have been able to attach it’s barrel to the longshor and the recon, but the barrel reduces power while at the same time improving accuracy. I usually take off the barrels of my guns to get the extra range and power out of them.

  11. evil paper says:

    i just got the spectre yesterday and it is a great gun, i also can add that you can attach the recon barrel to the spectre.
    it is my most favored gun i use
    Overall, it is a good 3 shot then reload in battles :)

  12. kevin says:

    i have a spectre and i feel it is a good gun it is less jammy than the maverick for the following reasons
    it gunbarrel will turn to the next bullet when u cock it however the maverick will only turn halfway when u cock it. however the spectre has this problem where the darts sometimes fly out a little of the barrel for no reason but it is slimmer than the maverick

  13. Robert says:

    For some reason all the nerf guns I own never shoot as far as everyone says and I own a LOT of nerf guns (20 to 30).

  14. Robert says:

    For some reason all the nerf guns I own never shoot as far as everyone says and I own a LOT of nerf guns (20 to 30). Can someone help me out

  15. Daniel says:

    I find that if you take off the barrels for guns like the longstrike it trades off accuracy for a HUGE amount of range and power {10 feet? 20?}. Hope this helps

  16. Joey says:

    Sorry, rob, but you’re unlucky.

  17. Prunes says:

    Hey Rob, I have the same luck

  18. Bubs69 says:

    This is by far my most favorite of all weapons. This gun is pretty awesome right out of the box. I have 7 of these and only modified one of them. GREAT choice of weapon if you want a reliable and true weapon. Wish NERF would make more of this type of gun. THUMBS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Marcus says:

    The spectra in my opinion is the most reliable nerf gun.It never jams, shoots any dart, and is easy to use.

  20. First Knight says:

    In nerf, power and range = accuracy. Accuracy needs range, which in turn needs power. I really want the spectre, and I seriously regret buying the longstrike instead of the spectre.

  21. stealthinator3000 says:

    This gun is really good, espcially for small space wars. One thing that i have noticed though is that when I use the supressor the bullet swerves when it goes through the air. Apart from that it is a really fun gun, I have also seen it beat a deploy,recon and a longshot in a war. ( the other guns were all in the same war),

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