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Nerf Firefly

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  • Series: Nerf N Strike
  • Capacity: 8 darts
  • Range: 20-25 feet
  • Year Released: Unknown

Now Available!

The Nerf Firefly is now available for purchase at

Nerf Firefly Review

The Nerf Firefly is a unique Nerf gun with some pretty cool features that separate it from the rest of the N-Strike line.

The Firefly lights up when you shoot (this feature requires batteries), and the effect is something like a muzzle flash.  Aside from looking cool, the flashing light serves another purpose:  it ‘charges’ the glow in the dark darts.

The glow in the dark darts are a great idea, but unfortunately, they can be a little bit of a hassle. The darts that come with the Firefly are basically regular darts, only they come with stickers that you’ll have to apply to them to make them glow. As happens with stickers of any variety, sometimes they will come unpeeled. And when they do, they will jam up on the inside of the Firefly’s barrel.

On the positive side, the stickers add the little bit of additional weight that you need to reach the maximum range potential of the gun. In short, apply the stickers at your own risk. Just be mindful of them and don’t load any darts that are peeling.

Alright, enough about the darts. Let’s get down to the Firefly’s performance.

The best thing about the Firefly is its 8 dart capacity. Also, there aren’t any mechanical limitations to how fast you can shoot — it all depends on how fast you can physically move through the 8 rotating barrels.

I was a little bit disappointed with the Firefly’s range. Most shots will travel at about 20 feet if you hold it at a 45 degree angle. This isn’t horrible, but for such a big gun, I was hoping for a little more.

The accuracy on the Nerf Firefly is not great, but it is consistent. What I mean is, if you miss 5 degrees to the left on one shot, you’ll miss 5 degrees to the left on every shot. So with a little practice, you can make it work.

In closing, the Firefly is a unique Nerf gun, and if you’re really attracted to the idea of muzzle flash and glowing darts, you’ll be happy with it. But in the end, it’s hard to recommend over guns with superior performance like the Nerf Maverick and Raider.


  1. John says:

    The Firefly is my favorite gun. It sucks with the glow darts, but if use Whistler Darts with it, it’s really awesome. The light can be useful as well, as i like making people flinch with the random flash of light, where it turns out I’m not actually shooting anything.

  2. TJBENDER says:

    I recently bought the firefly and wrestled with it for a few hours, removing the 20 or so screws on the inside of the gun to take out the air restrictors. after that it had a range of about the same as the long shot and made it fairly more accurate. for the best distance use the sonic darts. I give this gun a 3/5 out of the box and modded i give it a 4.5/5.

  3. mstar55 says:

    I had a Firefly back in 3rd grade, but my parents confiscated it. I’m pretty sure it’s somewhere in my dad’s closet.

  4. raider10 says:

    Pretty good gun. Without modding, I consistently get 30 feet out of it. One of my favorites (behind Vulcan and longshot)

  5. max s. says:

    the is way better than a maverick! although the stickers get jammed it is still fun to launch “lights” at people that is all I did today!

  6. David says:

    The Firefly Rev-8 was my very first N-Strike gun. Nowadays my mavericks and my new barricade are more my style, but the firefly is pretty great I still do use it sometimes.
    I’ve never used the glow-in-the dark component, and the direction the barrel rotates always confuses me after I’ve spent some time firing my Mavericks, whose barrels rotate the other way. But I digress.
    The firefly is a good blaster and I have only ever felt the need to add one modification to it: covering the bottoms of the backstock. Even just taping some paper pockets over the bottoms will do. Otherwise, they fall out rather frequently.

  7. Nathan J. says:

    This gun is sweet! I don’t have it, but I used my friends. Its really awesome, but the glow-in-the-dark dart stickers are really bad.

  8. samuel .j says:

    I have a iron man version it is the boss at being the boom and kicks but with sonic darts. but the stickers always pop out but still by far most powerful gun I have ever use (well not modded ones at lest and is better then most modded gun with out being modded) I’d give it a 9.5 out of 10

  9. Noobie Nerfer says:

    The Firefly REV-8 is an AMAZING gun! I am kinda new to the NERF world, but this gun saved me in my first war. It shoots quickly, is accurate, and is GREAT if you put in darts other than the glow-in-the-dark darts! I recommend this gun to a Nerfers who likes an accurate gun that isn’t to bulky!

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