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Nerf N-Strike Elite Series?

On their Facebook page, Nerf recently wrote “Toy Fair 2012 is coming to NYC this month, and with it comes BIG news….get ready.”

Well, that could mean just about anything, and caused a swirl of rumors and speculation.

So far, the most credible rumor I’ve seen comes from the reliable Urban Taggers. They claim to have received some inside intel on the next N-Strike releases, and even managed to get their  hands on a few promotional materials.

The materials are well-done, so if they’re fakes then they’re good fakes (and it’s always possible that Nerf could create fake box art just to hype things up).

What stands out the most to me is that the box art claims that these blasters shoot 75 feet.

While I’m hopeful that this is true, I have to be skeptical. Either these new darts have tiny little bottle rockets installed in them, they’re testing them from the top of a mountain, or Nerf is pre-modding their guns.

Have fun with these rumors. As always, don’t get too excited until the announcement comes from Nerf’s mouth.

Nerf Elite Retaliator

nerf elite retaliator

The Retailiator looks like some kind of cross between a Raider and a Recon. As Urban Taggers points out, ’4 Blasters in 1′ probably just means that you can customize its appearance by removing or adding various accessories (shoulder stock, barrel attachment, and bipod).

Nerf Elite Rampage

nerf elite rampage


Once again, the box claims 75 feet ranges. The Rampage has a drum magazine, slam fire mode, and looks a lot like a Raider with a side-mounted drum.

Nerf Elite Darts

nerf elite darts

Apparently, these are the new darts. Blue foam with an orange whistling tip. Personally, I would like to see all (non dart tag) dart blasters use the same darts, so maybe we’re moving that direction here.

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