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Nerf N-Strike Barrel Break IX-2

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  • Series: Nerf N Strike
  • Capacity: 5 darts
  • Range: 25-30 feet
  • Year Released: 2010

Now Available!

The Nerf N-Strike Barrel Break IX-2 is now available for purchase at

Nerf N-Strike Barrel Break IX-2 Review

Another new announcement from Nerf, this time in regards to a new double barrel blaster called the N-Strike Barrel Break IX-2.

I don’t know much about the Barrel Break yet, but here is what I do know:

  • The Barrel Break IX-2 will go on sale in August
  • It will be available only at Toys R Us
  • It’s a double-shot blaster
  • It features a Tactical Ammo Storage accessory with room for 8 additional darts

Personally, I’m pretty excited for the double barrel action.

More details to come…


  1. nick says:

    awesome gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it fires 2 shots, which makes it DD, or double damage. it does have a downside, each shot, you have to reload. overall, its a good gun. no, its not cool, its awesome!!!!!!

  2. phantom says:

    Frankly watching demo videos of it it looks cool and that is about it. Takes more steps than i would like to reload the barrels. If I had to pick between it and another gun like nite finder or any other single shot i would take the single shots for their faster reloading.

  3. SomFX3 says:

    I have this gun and its fun to play with but it’s useless in a battle purely because of its slow reload time- i average 7 seconds reload and my friend once managed 6 seconds, so if you want a gun thats fun to mess around with then get it.

    • Prunes says:

      Dude its my Primary! My friends fear it. Perfect for ambushing if you ask me.

    • Ben says:

      The reload time isn’t slow. you just have slow hands. Leapin out from the bushes onto someone, barrel break in hand, instills a special type of fear in your opponent.

    • coldicebox says:

      it takes me only like 4 seconds to reload and its my favorite gun i use it and the stampede and alwayse win even if its like 3-1

  4. Cassius says:

    Awesome gun definitely worth getting. Slow reload time is of course an issue, but providing you’re in cover it should be fine. Decent range (actually, pretty good), lower accuracy but double darts compensates somewhat. Reload can be done in under 5 seconds with some practice (generally depends on how easily the darts slip into the chamber).

  5. Steve says:

    This one of my favourite nerf blasters. reload is 5-6 seconds which is kinda long, but its range (25-35 FEET) and amazing accuracy compensates for the long reload. This is my fav back up weapon cause of the reasons i’ve just said and that it is very portable (It’s just small enough to be held in the holster of th tactical vest). I give it a 9/10

  6. Metalman98 says:

    Great gun! I found that it fits perfectly in the holster on the Tactical Vest, which is a practical use for it. I would recommend this as a secondary, not a primary.

  7. Nate says:

    It would be cool if it had two clips,( one for each barrel)I like the ammo storage wich fits on the tactical rail and it can fit any darts on it, although I do not own.

  8. william says:

    first off i must admit i do not own as i could not find in my area. that being said i am reviewing based of standard assumption and nerf history.

    by looks this appears to be a sawn off 2 barrel pistol shotgun. very nice in looks and with ammo rail kind of usefull. however all in all my opnion of the gun is poor.

    for a pistol only 2 shots is very limiting and while several like nightfinder and firefly are only 1 shot in a pistol scenario it is very risky.

    pistol is not compatible with stocks or barrels which is prob not a issue but just putting that out there. assumed by picture btw

    range from reading reviews is about average for a nerf pistol nothing fancy. i would assume splitting aim into 2 barrels probally affects accuracy and motion wobble kills aim.

    while the rail may “seem” usefull remember that in 2010 clip based combat was very much on the rise and singular combat is just to big a risk to warrant needing a ammo rail. also most single shot ammo users have back up ammo in puches to prevent gun/gun ammo holds pinching and ruining the ammo. (common issue on the nightfinders).

    all in all the only benifet i can give is a dual barrel shotgun which is cool but not unique. in my local area a generic non nerf company has released a shotgun rifle of full length with shotgun shell based system which earns a nicer look factor thant he pistol. being both non nerf and a full length rifle it has more power than most nerf rifles let alone the nerf pistol range and i would recommend that over an offical nerf shotgun pistol.

    this is my 2 cents on this gun. don’t waste time or money as you will most likely regret it. that being said i do not own or hve physically seen gun in use as yet so if you see it and think its good go for it.

    • the dude says:

      How can you be so opinionated when you don’t even have the gun?

      • william says:

        just genral knowledge from nerfs history mainly. to be honest i am getting bored of nerf brand and am working on making my own flywheel gun so i can scale it to power i like and make the M8 avenger design from mass effect. nothing better than a gun that defines you

  9. Scooter says:

    This gun is interesting… I got it at toysrus right after thanksgiving…hmm I think its called black friday…anyways, this gun has the ability to shoot one or two bullets which is alright. The problem is that it takes some time to reload and even when you do, its kinda hard to put in the bullets. All my friends love this gun because its unqiue and special. I don’t use it but its a good item to have

  10. Cassius says:

    ” don’t waste time or money as you will most likely regret it. that being said i do not own or hve physically seen gun in use”

    Ignore much of what he says, it’s generally wrong

    • william says:

      ouch that hurt.

      while not the most technical person out there i take pride in posting based of personal experince and previous nerf history with the guns. admitivly i am bias towards nerf wars and general gun survival but thats my upbringing to see how well i can fortify a position with limited options.

      but as i say in most of my posts if you disagree or you see gun in use and liek it sure go with it. i just try to keep a honest general oppinion for the average joe.

  11. Cassius says:

    I’m not trying to troll you lol, but it’s worth bearing in mind that to accurately review something, trying it out beforehand generally helps. All I’m saying is don’t bash a gun you haven’t even seen in action; even you might be surprised about how it actually performs.

  12. Adam says:

    The Nerf Barrel Break IX-2 is probably one of the best NERF guns I own, period. It’s powerful, accurate and reliable; the ammo rail doesn’t hurt either. However, when I’m in the heat of battle I tend to get annoyed at the barrel when I’m trying to reload since you have to tilt it until the arrows on the sides line up, and only then can you put it back once you’ve got your darts in. The rail also doesn’t do a very good job of holding onto the gun either, and I found it to frequently fall off while pulling the darts out.

    It’s still a wonderful gun, but it’s bogged down by the reload time, which isn’t really a big flaw in itself. As far as I know it’s their first attempt at a shotgun, and in my opinion they did a brilliant job.

  13. NerfWar12 says:

    It’s a great backup gun or close-range starter. I think it is awesome becaues of the double-shot. A good dodger would now have to dodge 2 bullets instead of 1! Are they that good???

  14. gilang says:

    it’s really powerful gun i can play it for like 8 times in one day the range is a quiet long ,nice grip and can fire one or two times at onces BEST NERF PRODUCTS EVERRRRRRRRRRRRR

  15. kevin says:

    the truth is the barrel break was for the purpose of base defense as a last resort however it is not a very efficient gun the additional 8 bullet holder is good but would be better on a maverick due to the fact that the barrel breaks tactical rail is in a horrible place cos u can aim properly and also it is not advisable to hoslter it as if u tilt the gun downwards the bullets fall out

  16. j-dog says:

    this is not a good gun at all it shoots around 10 -15 ft and it can not shot them one at a time. it jams all time and the darts fall out the barrel. it is way to much for such a bad gun and the trigger is almost impossible to pull dowm ( do not buy)

    • jacob says:

      i am getting it and also j-dog it can shoot 1 bullet at a time half trigger pull=left barrel full trigger pull=right barrel full trigger pull with 2 bullets at same time= both barrel.1 con is reverse plunger (1 for each barrel of course)

  17. the dude says:

    what should I get out of this or the buzzbee double shot

  18. Mike says:

    A lot has been said here about the reload time of the gun and that is a problem, as is the cost: £25 here in the UK gets you a Raider or Recon and ammo pack or just the stock Break Barrel.

    Here at university, we play Humans vs Zombies with 28 Days Later style zombies so you have to be fast on your feet and on the draw. One of our guy’s got this and I gave him hell for it originally since I thought it was a waste of money. We removed the ARs and it puts out the same as a Maverick but has a significant advantage in our games: spread. It looks like a shotgun and when you’ve got a crazed Infected bearing down on you, it works like one too. Granted, it’s still a last ditch thing but it’s important to remember that, like many Nerf guns, it still has a role. This and a modded Alpha Trooper causes our Infected a lot of problems. :)

  19. Exo594 says:

    @william: Your comments are based purely on speculation. I own the gun, and it functions marvelously. It is rather hard to mod, because it is not capable of being powerstocked, and springs are hard to find for it, but mine works quite well. A lot of you seem to be overlooking the fact that it is a split trigger, so each barrel can be fired one at a time. Even with its small stock barrels, it fires quite accurately. The ammo rail is also functional and holds stock darts rather tightly. And just having a knowledge of Nerf’s gun history does not make you a good nerfer. I would prefer this gun to a Nite Finder in a stock war just because of the double shot ability. Sometimes you need to think about guns in their tactical purpose with all their abilities, not just stats like ammo count.

  20. HeatSeeka says:

    Buzzbe dubble shot is terrible.
    The majority of the time it duznt come out of the barrel.i know from experience. ya also have too waste time getn your shells.mes to quality
    On top of that buzzbee is crap brand i got the buzbee rifle and it jams 5/6 shots.

    Nerf is da bom wen it comes to quality dart guns

    Nerf all the way bro’s!

  21. leong chang yung says:

    what nerf gun is the best? deploy cs-6 or barrel break the best?

  22. Prunes says:

    Barrell break!

  23. JoShiSdAbEsT says:

    the barrel break is awesome, my friend has one and i loved when i first saw it. OMG i won’t sleep until i get it!!!

  24. N3RFboyz: Nate says:

    This gun is a beast. It makes a GREAT primary, and a KICK-@$$ secondary(dont know if swearingis aloud on this site…) # 8 on my Top 20 nerf guns.

  25. Ben says:

    Anyone who disses this is more of a lie than the frikkin cake. Most people say it only fires once, But you can fire both individually by pushing the trigger just a bit each time. The reload is quite slow, but it works, and can be as little as four seconds if you practice.
    My recommended uses for it are: For ambushes – this plus the maverick. This for leaping out (the psychological effect of a ruddy great shotgun is second to none) and the maverick for when the action gets heated.
    For medium range sniping: use something like the long shot alongside it to pick off foes at a distance and pull it out if anyone dares to come close to you.
    For spearheading assaults: Going in for a kill spree with the Vulcan is cool, but when that runs out it can take a year to reload, so whip this out and get those last two kills you deserve.
    For stealth: It is rather quiet (by nerf standards) so if you get in a good place take out two of their key figures with your shots, then slink away when you need to loudly reload.
    Overall, it’s a good backup weapon – not as a primary but in those awkward moments when someone’s got you cornered and you’ve got nowhere to run.
    Other notes: the bullets themselves travel very quickly through the air, so opponents won’t have time to duck. I’ve already mentioned the psychological aspect of it too.

    That’s all from me.

  26. Ben says:

    In my last comment I said vulcan – I meant stampede

  27. clarke says:

    this could very well work for war provided you are in close quarters lets say your in a base of some short and someone comes in quick one blast and done

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