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Nerf Magstrike

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  • Series: Nerf N Strike
  • Capacity: 10 darts
  • Range: 20-25 feet
  • Year Released: Unknown


The Nerf Magstrike is not available in stores. If you want to add it to your collection, your best bet is to search for it on eBay.

Nerf Magstrike Review

The Nerf Magstrike is a ten round automatic Nerf gun.

The Magstrike is different from most other modern Nerf guns, in that rather than using a spring plunger mechanism like the Nite Finder or Raider, you have to prime the gun by pumping the handle to shoot. In the past, priming a Nerf gun was a bit of a pain because it slowed down the rate of fire, but thanks to the Magstrike’s clip system, you can just swap out a pre-loaded  clip instead of having to reload rounds one at a time. A clip holds 10 darts and can be unloaded in about 1.5 seconds, which is really impressive to behold and makes the priming totally worthwhile.

Fully priming the Magstrike requires roughly 20 pumps, which you can easily do in 10 seconds. Once primed, you can unload the entire clip in rapid succession by holding down the trigger. The range on the Magstrike is great considering the rate of fire –  each dart will shoot about 20 feet.

Of course, you *can* prime the Magstrike more than 20 times, but if you do so routinely, you can put undue pressure of the air bladder and it will get stretched out. This will result in a very noticeable drop in performance, so don’t go crazy with the priming — you get diminishing returns very quickly after 20 pumps anyway.

As with many of the pump primed Nerf guns made these days, the pump will break if you’re rough with it. However, if you stick to controlled and steady pumps, your Magstrike should have a long life.

Ultimately, I would recommend the Magstrike to anybody who is looking for a portable Nerf gun with a high rate of fire.

If you’re considering buying this for a younger kid (under 10 years old), I’d recommend a gun that doesn’t need as much priming like the Nerf Raider. However, for the rest of you, you can’t go wrong with the Magstrike.


  1. Rblake says:

    This gun is ok. It shoots very fast. So fast you need to have several extra magazines loaded to make it worth while. Pumping guns is always a pain, but atleast it’s only 15-20x. The range is decent @ ~20-25ft. It’s a machine gun, so the accuracy isn’t great, tho. It has a tactical rail, but I’m not sure why. Anything you mount on it will be blocked when the magazine rises during firing. It doesn’t jam, but it doesn’t always fire every dart either. There should be dart holders like the Firefly or even room for a spare magazine.

    Overall: Since I only have one magazine, I probably wouldn’t use this gun much, but it isn’t bad. I would recommend the Raider’s Slam Fire for putting many rounds down range. I gave this 7 out of 10 stars.

  2. M107 says:

    This will be rated 8/10 because mine broke like in 6 months (not bad) and once you use single shot which you have to pump 3 times the magazine will fall down if you don’t pump quickly. but it’s range is maximum of 35 feet in one shot but like 50 feet in full auto.


      I give it a 9/10 because mine broke in a year or so (pretty good for me) and my magazine doesn’t fall out if you don’t pump quickly. Maybe somthing is wrong with your’s… and mine does not shoot 50 feet in full auto it shoots something more like 30…. and for one shot its about 20 for me. I still give it a 9/10….it’s way more convienient then most other nerf guns. 9/10

  3. Nick says:

    Best nerf gun of all time!


    Pros-Rapid fire

    Best gun out there nothing wrong exept pumping, (if you use it enough your arms will get used to it)
    Amazing for spooking the crap out of the other team
    Makes a kool sound when fired, especially with skreamers!

    Thats my review Best thing out there! Full fire powa

  4. Isaac says:

    Man, I wish I had this Gun! I’m 14, so I cant get it on ebay, and my parents wont get it for me. I cant buy it at a store because I CANT FIND IT! Any suggestions?

  5. magstrike101 says:

    He’s right…19.99 i paid for mine. the only real drawback i see in this gun is the fact that the n-strike ones come with only 1 clip and you cant buy extra clips. i give it an 8/10

  6. magstrike101 says:

    and if you buy it nowadays, you cant over pump it. theres an over-pressure valve that keeps the gun from being over pumped

  7. Matthew says:

    Thanks for the write up. We love our Megstrike but something must be wrong, because 50 pumps will only get you three or four bullets. You have to have 125 full pumps to get all ten to come out.

    I am sure we will exchange it for one that works as advertised.

    I am also annoyed that you can’t purchase more clips for it, as the ratio of firing to loading is very unbalanced.


  8. valvatorez the tyrant says:

    My magstrike was brocken, the clip doesn’t fully retract even after i pumped it more than 20+ times. I bought another one and it was the same. Anyone know how to fix this?

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