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Nerf Longstrike CS-6

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  • Series: Nerf N Strike
  • Capacity: 6 darts
  • Range: 30-35 feet
  • Year Released: 2010

Now Available!

The Nerf Longstrike CS-6 is now available for purchase at

Nerf Longstrike CS-6 Review

Longstrike Review

First things first: The Longstrike is hands down one of the coolest looking Nerf guns ever made, and Hasbro will undoubtedly sell a million of these based on appearance alone. We all want a true Nerf sniper rifle, and based on appearances, the Longstrike seems to fit the bill.

As stated on the box, the Longstrike is the longest Nerf blaster. Now, make sure you read this sentence carefully, as it can be a little misleading. It doesn’t have the longest range of any Nerf blaster, it’s just the longest (over 3 feet long).  I haven’t measured it exactly, but it only seems to be a couple inches longer than the Longshot.

Unfortunately, the range on the Longstrike is a bit disappointing, especially seeing as it’s modeled after a sniper rifle. Instead of using a direct plunger system like the Longshot, Hasbro has opted to use a reverse plunger system like that found on the Deploy and Raider. Most shots will fall in the 30-35 feet range without the barrel attachment, which isn’t bad, but isn’t great either. Using the barrel attachment seems to have a pretty negative impact on the range.

For those unfamiliar with the internals of Nerf guns, the effect of a reverse plunger system is that the plunger can’t achieve the speed that it can with a direct plunger system. As a result, the plunger doesn’t create as much force, and the darts don’t travel as far as they could with a direct plunger system.

Thankfully, you can see some pretty significant improvements with only a couple basic modifications. Removing the air restrictor will add about 10 feet on average, and replacing the spring will add even more. You’re not going to hit Longshot ranges no matter what you do, but rest assured that you can make some significant improvements with little more than a screwdriver, xacto knife, and hot glue.

To a lot of people, what I just said will be complete gobbledy-gook, and that’s fine. So if you aren’t into modding your Nerf guns, none of this may matter to you, and you may prefer the Longstrike over the Longshot. Afterall, the out of the box ranges don’t vary by a huge amount, and the Longstrike is much lighter and less bulky than the Longshot. It ultimately comes down to a matter of preference.

The Longstrike does feel very sturdy, and it gives the impression that it is a very well made blaster.


As with other recent N-Strike guns, the Longstrike is compatible with the interchangeable parts found in other N-Strike guns.

One cool feature is that the Longstrike can hold 2 additional clips in the shoulder stock (you’ll have to buy these separately), and having two clips at the ready can cut down significantly on reload times while you’re in the heat of battle.


The Longstrike is one of the best looking Nerf guns ever made, but it isn’t one of the best performing. Though some simple modifications can increase the range, it still seems a little silly to create a Nerf gun that resembles a sniper rifle but only shoots a little farther than an out of the box Nite Finder.

Here’s the box:

nerf longstrike box

nerf longstrike box

Here are the Longstrike’s accessories (courtesy of SG Nerf):

nerf longstrike accessories

nerf longstrike accessories

And finally, here is a picture of the Longstrike’s internals. I haven’t taken mine apart yet, so I couldn’t take my own picture — photo credit goes to Mod Works.

nerf longstrike internals

nerf longstrike internals


  1. Bullseyesniper87 says:

    Ok I just got mine at the store in Ypsilanti, MI. Honestly I love it. It may not shoot as far as I would like, but if you put the drum on it and then compare it in terms of weight to the longshot the longstrike would win hands down. The weight, the look, and the feel made this gun worth buying. Like I said before its not about how you can modify the gun its about how you use it. If your doing humans versus zombies then use this with a drum clip on it or the raider. They are both very good guns, and since I like the concept of sniping I have no issue with this gun. You can snipe someone who has their back to you from at least ten feet away, at most thirty feet with the barrel attached, same distance as the longshot with out the barrel. Also think about this the longshot can only hold one clip in the back the longstrike can hold two. To me it would make more sense to have both of them because you never know which gun will be the best for what you want to do. So if you call yourself a true nerf fan then you will buy this gun regardless of what you think of it.

    • One winged dragon says:

      one clear difference if you look at the assembly is the size of the plunger, I used almost identicle mods on a longstrike and longshot and was dissapointed to find they had little efect on the long strike while my lonkshot consistantly fires between 45-60 feet. the longstrike on the other hand doesnt top 35 and the shots fire much slower. Mods included removal of air supressor and added spring. and in combat to the double clips on the back vs a second raider drum? drum wins

    • Nerf Man 101 says:

      how far is the farthest shot

    • Joseph says:

      I got this nerf gun recently, but i would only give it 3 stars. The appearance is great, but the length is terrible. After a week or so, the range has decreased rapidly. And if you really want 35 feet, you have to shoot way up in the air. I would not recommend this nerf gun.

  2. jason says:

    this is way better the nitefinder i agree that gun is good but this is better in alot of ways:
    -the range is about the same
    -long strike holds 18 darts at max but nitefinder holds three
    -this holds clips
    -this has a detacable barral
    -comes with flip up site
    -site is accurate
    -holds two clips in the stock

    but i agree it is a good gun because of it acuracy but so is this gun!!!!!!!!!

    • Nerf General says:

      I don’t have this gun yet, however this gun would be perfect for Army, or S.W.A.T, games, which means if you have any night games or anything you can take the laser from The Recon(if you have one), put on top on the tactical rail and go in the bushes and camp their for assasinations, and for short distances you can take the barrel off and go from their, that’s why I can’t wait get my hand on that Longstrike CS-6!

  3. Nerflover856 says:

    I got this gun, and i was a little disapointed about the range. (I thought i would have at least 40 foot shots) Still, it’s a great gun.

  4. WWJEREMY says:

    I got this and was dissapointed with a lot of things about it. Range, accuracy, all things that make a good Nerf blaster. But I don’t regret buying this. It’s fun, at least. You can put a dart in the built in barrel and it can work as a shotgun. Great for 1vs1 2 hit kill Nerf wars.

  5. WWJEREMY says:

    The reason the Longstrike has a reverse plunger system is so the Longstrike can be released in Australia. The Longshot and the Maverick are banned there.

    • tyo says:

      the longshot and maverick arn not banned in Australia, i live in Australia and i have a Maverick and the maverick and the Long shot are in shops hear

    • Justocommando says:

      I have both the maverick and the longshot i live in Australia and i have both.

    • james says:

      i live in australia, west of sydney, and i have a maverick and a longshot. so the idea that the direct plunger system is banned here is false.

      • Galaxy says:

        wwjeremy what are you on man? i live in australia and i got the maverick about 3 years back and they are still selling them and the longshot is available here cuz i got one this morning O.o stop trying to blame australia for reverse plunger systems, its actually the law in almost every major country that you cant sell high powered dart systems to the age of 6 so thats not anyones fault that hasbro was forced to stop releasing direct plungers after the longshot

  6. Nerfan says:

    Okay, first off, as a response to the above comment, the Maverick doesn’t have a direct plunger system, but the NF does, and you have those, right?

    Second, the review:
    Out of the box, performance is passable. I didn’t expect it to be like a Longshot, but rather a Recon, and it’s somewhere in between those two. The Longshot doesn’t have much more than three feet more range than this, but I prefer the feel of the Longshot. Although, that’s not saying that this is uncomfortable. The add-on barrel doesn’t so anything to improve the blaster, so just leave it off.

    Next, modded review. Like the Recon, it has a reverse-plunger system that gives it poor ranges. There’s really not too much you can do to it, so don’t buy this if you’re a modder. Buy the Longshot instead while you can, since it’s being discontinued.

  7. nick says:

    this gun is a very good range gun. i’ve had some darts fire like, 3 feet, and others about 30 feet. if you like long range, youll want to make this gun part of your nerf collection. remember, its nerf…….or nothin.

  8. Steelforcer says:

    Well, I love sniping, and people said it has a poor range. Reversable plunge………… I need an answer, would I be able to reverse the plunge? I only modded a nerf gun once. (deploy) I don’t have the longstrike but I do have the longshot.

  9. JjAaYyYy says:

    Firstly i was wonder what would you guys think was better a recon or longstrike also how much is the longstrike in Australia and where can u get it. this would really help Thanks B=-+(:p <– side on view

  10. BioformerCorviz says:

    long-shot is no longer available, but this is the next best thing, i’m hoping
    getting it this weekend or for christmas

    i really want the long-shot, but IT’S DEAD!
    to stores anyway

    this is much less bulky, has 2 clip storage (i’m not a good person at saving bullets), AND has TRIPLE aim system

    “GOKU, what’s his aiming level?

    IT’S OVER 1.000000000000!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. robert says:

    there going to stop making longshots?!?!?!?!!?:0 :0 :0 OMG

  12. Nerfassasin says:

    I took the flip up sight, took off the components, and taped half of a set of binoculars to it… EXTREMELY ACCURATE… i highly recomend it.

  13. Good gun i live in aUstralia and we have the nitefinder. I have a night finder but need a new primary gun this gun looks good so it is on my maybe list. Any reccomended guns?

    • mxims01 says:

      you should try to get the raider and longstrike and the longshot and the stampede I have all of these guns and I own. PS: I’m in australia

  14. Bob says:

    Having this Nerf gun for a while now, I have hade a great time experimentingwith the longstrike.
    I,ve had it since about a month after the release I think its a very great Nerf gun.

    .it looks great
    .has spots for 3 clips
    .with the flip-clip conector it stands up perfectly
    .it has 4 tactical rails!
    Its blue!!!(there arent many blue Nerf guns)
    •after a while the oarnge bar you use to reload it falls off making it like a key!
    •there are 4 diferent ways to scope on it
    cons(oh noez)
    •could have better range.
    •It dosent come in clear(even the vulcan does)
    •Its not PURPLE!!!!!!!!

  15. MODDER says:

    Well, this gun may hold 2 6 dart clips, but the longshots can hold 1 18 dart clip.
    Pros over longshot:
    more tactical rails(not big pro)
    pleasing to eye
    Easier to prime(faster shots)
    Cons over longshot:
    Not much mod potential
    Shoots weaker out of box
    Cant put tactical shield on correctly for use(See PERSONS comment on stampede)
    Easier to prime(less range)
    To some it up, the VERY SLIGHT weight advantage doesnt make up for the modding potential and WAY greater accurate range of the classic longshot. If you buy this gun to play against anyone who knows how to use a longshot correctly expect “your head to be blown off”

  16. Nerf dude says:

    Longstrike rocks on a scale of awesome from 1 to 10 it’s a 11!

  17. trev says:

    i want the nerf longstrike soooo bad!!!!!! it is veryyyyyy nice looking and i need a sniper weapon.I also want this gun because when your not using darts you can pretend it shoots 1 billion meters.the range isnt THAT bad (30-35 ft)but i do wish it had a slightly better range.also u can hold 2 clips in the stock (wich is sometimes helpfull)BUT u cant take the stock off.i rated this weapon 10 stars because it is awesome!

  18. samgreentaco says:

    this gun is awesome! it is the best gun from nerf that does not require batteries! but the thing that sucks about it is that once you put the shoulder stock in you cant take it back out. but otherwise this gun is beastly.

    tech specs

    -range is good
    -good sniper rifle
    -sights are accurate
    -4 tactical rails
    -well put together gun

  19. Robert says:

    The LONGSTRIKE CS-6 can hold 3 clips 1 in the slide and 2 in the shoulder stock.

    I bought 2 extra clips with 30 extra darts when I got the LONGSTRIKE CS-6

  20. ruben says:

    I just got it for christmas could you use whistling darts with the longstrike?

  21. MonkeySlicerF1 says:

    I think the longstrike is amazing and is an exellent gun and everyone says there disapointed with the distance the dart goes but seriously! 35 FEET!!!I dont think u need more than that and really the longshot (if you dont mod it )only shoots a couple more feet than the longstrike so all together I think the longstrike is better tha the longshot.

  22. Kameron says:

    I got mine about 12 hours ago, and (although I’ve lost three of the pack-in darts already) it’s really well made and fun to use. But I wonder if it was overkill for my first Nerf gun…

  23. mr nerf says:

    i have gotten this gun for x-mas and i feel dissapointed. it says 35 ft on the box but my gun seems to be barely shooting at 15 ft my raider shoots farther. can somebody give me a reason why this is happening

    ps i did not drop this gun the darts are brand new and the gun is in perfect condition

  24. the dude says:

    I am not a modder and want to buy a good nerf sniper rifle. Which is best NOT MODDED – Longstrike or Longshot?

  25. jordy says:

    isn’t it possible to switch the internals from the longshot so it shoots like a sniper rifle? i’ve shot with it once and was’nt impressed, it looks cool though, but there is’nt much use in a re-shelled recon if you already have a raider/recon

  26. FerricGuy says:

    I purchased the Longstrike from a local Toys*R*Us mainly cause it was nothing like the weapons in the office armory.

    Out of the box, i was really disappointed in its range and accuracy. Immediately, I felt that i wasted my money. My Deploy that hangs in my cubicle has more power OotB than the Longstrike.

    That is of course until the modifications happened… This rifle now clears 60ft with the barrel extension 70ft without. It has been named the scariest weapon in the office, people flinch and duck when they hear the louder crack of the plunger/chamber while firing.

    Mods completed:
    spring tension increased (factory spring)
    bored out barrel (removed air-restriction)
    clip lock removed (allows for removal of clip while loaded)

    Mods ignored:
    O-ring replacement
    spring replacement

  27. cr4nky says:

    I got a nitefinder got it to fire 45ft doubled up the o ring added a new spring but was going to say is there no way of taking the nitefinder iners and modding them to it has sam release just need to be able to reload it i getting the longstrike this thursday might have a play see what can do let me know if anyone else has tryed

  28. gdude910 says:

    Well, the longstrike is a better gun to run around with[mobility] but the longshot has a little more range. Longstrike is better because of the ability to hold 2 clips.

  29. the dude says:

    What is best not modded out of longshot or longstrike?

  30. the dude says:

    This gun is the fifth addition to my nerf arsenal. It is totally AWESOME!


    It is absolutely massive, looks really good-like a proper sniper rifle-and the blue colour means it looks great with a Raider. Only problem is the yellow bit near the end of the main gun.


    PTG, it shot 40-45ft without the barrel, and 35-40ft with the barrel. At an angle, it shot about 60-65ft with and without the barrel. It is easy to reload, taking about 3-4 seconds at best, and it can store two extra clips in the stock, making for better performance in a war.


    The barrel extension does not have too big an impact on the range of the gun and makes it look amazing. The flip- up sight’s front bit (the rectangular part) works great with the flip-up iron sight on the barrel extension at ranges of up to 35ft. Otherwise, however, the flip-up sight is useless.

    Value for money:

    I got it for £30 off, which is a decent price for what it is, I suppose.

    Pros and Cons:

    Looks great
    Good flip-up sight
    Two clip storage in stock



  31. An Nguyen says:

    i find if you open the orange part located above the Nerf logo and manually push the dart into the plunger, and i mean PUSH it into there, the dart goes farther and is more accurate. Tested on an unmodded longstrike

  32. Geo-thermal says:

    Can u put 18 dart clip in bandolier and will it hold my stampede???

  33. Soap says:

    I can’t wait to get this one :) it will be replacing my Recon CS-6 which I’m giving to my brother once I get this one. The only problem is it’s $60 in Australian target stores :/

    • Galaxy says:

      you should also consider the longshot as it is available in almost every kmart store in australia and now and for a cheap price of $40-$45
      and everyone, get your headshots with the longshot not longstrike!
      ~galaxy ;)

  34. Ja says:

    What’s better in terms of shot power and length, ammo, weight and aiming?

    • Justin Chiu says:

      Recon vs Longstrike
      Range: Longstrike
      Power: Close, but probably leaning in favour of the Longstrike
      Accuracy: Longstrike all the way!!
      Weight: Recon (with Longstrike barrel extenstion)
      (without extenstion): Equal, still leaning towards the Recon

  35. Ja says:

    Long strike or shot?

  36. john says:


  37. The arabian soulja says:

    The Longshot Is a way better gun How?Once:
    -Spray painted
    - Removing air restrictor provides range upto 70-115
    - attaching laser and better scope
    and this(longstrike) my comrads is a childs toy….

  38. Philiboi says:

    Put the maverick internals into the long strike =]

  39. nissassa says:

    I was terribly dissapointed with the LongStrike. TERRIBLE! Maybe it was just poor luck, but mine doesn’t even shoot 20 feet. It shoots about 10-18 foot range, depending on whether it has the barrel ext. or not. This gun may be pleasing to the eye, but it’s power, range, and accuracy leaves alot to be desired.

    Unless I find a good mod, this is a waste of $30.
    But is it possible to just switch the internals of a LongShot, and a LongStrike? If so, please reply ASAP.

    So remember kids, if you want an exellent out of the box sniper, go online and get a LongShot.

  40. UNSC sniper says:

    What other modifications can be made to allow further shooting and does anyone have detailed good quality images of the insides of a Longstrike CS-6. Is it possible to remove the direct plunger system from the Longshot and put it in the Longstrike.

  41. the dude says:

    i <3 Nerf

  42. a guy says:

    This gun (or at least the longstrike) that I bought can’t even shoot longer than four feet. Something is definitely wrong since it guaranteed at least 36 feet of range. Can sum1 help?

  43. Takoya says:

    The longstrike is the best gun

  44. HarryB says:

    Hi, my son was too enthusiastic when he got the gun and made a mistake when assembling the longstrike. He clicked the bolt of the cocking mechanism in the wrong spot and as the manual said, these parts cannot be removed once they are attached. It is now useless. Any tips on how we can save it?

    • Joe says:

      Well its a bit late but you could take it back to the shop or if that failes you can dismantle it and then take out the part and put it back together

  45. Anthony says:

    My raider shoots 30 feet away for my deploy 40 feet

  46. Jacob says:

    I want this gun so badly i already have the raider,i wish the comments about the accurate shooting,the range and everything else sounded like the comments you get to the longshot sadly not but i will still get this then the longshot the longstrike looks more like a sniper and should have the same range as longshot but again its a let down :( Still looks like a good gun though and would reccomend it.

  47. Iceman says:

    I modded my darts with tape and my longstrike shoots over 40 feet!

  48. Dan says:

    Epic range, power and accuracy but I don’t think it needs to be quite as big it could have easily lost about 1/2 ft and still been as appealing. It is also slightly annoying that the stock isn’t removeable but to be honest it is built to be a sniper and it fits that role perfectly.

  49. Zorn says:

    With a good pull the longstrikes stock comes right off and it looks awsome!!!

  50. Jack says:

    Ok its a great gun,who says you can’t mod it to a great range?
    I removed the AR and added an raider spring and plunger padding, it went about 60-75ft, 80ft with modded darts.

    but I’m hyped about longshot going 90ft after fully modded.
    my opinion? get either of the lonshot or longstrike or wait for the nerf vortex series!

  51. trev says:

    i have this gun and mine shot 70 feet and there was no wind or i didnt mod it.My recon shot 90 feet and ididnt mod it either.Im NOT lying.But i think i like the longshot more.BUT THEY DONT SELL IT.The site for the longstrike = terrible.

  52. longraider2654 says:

    I’mm getting the longstrike on monday.
    I alredy have the longshot and it doesent shoot past ten feet and thats pushing it. in other words the longshot is the worst nerf gun ever. even my puny dart tag pistol shoots triple the length anyone got any ideas?

    • bob says:

      you obviously just got unlucky and got a dud one because normaly it shoots a good 8 feet further than the longstrike and thats before being modded

  53. bob says:

    longshot is 100 times better not even joking.
    your main argument for the longstrike seems to be that it can hold two extra clips rather than one. really how much faster is it to grab a clip from the stock rather than your belt? the answer virtually nothing.
    your other argument is that it is lighter but if u r buying it u r getting it as a sniper rifle so it does matter how easily you can move around.

    the Nerf longshot is more powerful to start with and much better to mod plus it looks absolutely amazing once you spray paint it

  54. okay i guess better and gets longer range without the barrel but still it looks really cool

  55. Soap says:

    This gun is my favourite and hands down the coolest looking, why’s that? Because it looks like a replica firearm :P i mean comon we all want a nerf gun that looks realistic right? :D I get mine tomorrow and i cant wait! Will finally complete my arsenal!

  56. anthony says:

    i am getting this for christmas!!! i cant wait to get this gun. XDDD. the gun looks great and i like the bolt action other than the recon i moded mine and something broke off from the ar so i will probably not mod the longstrike. some of the bad things that bug me about the gun is that once you attatch the back of the gun it will not come off.

  57. qwer says:

    this is a really good nerf gun with a look of a sniper rifle
    when you have it it makes you feel excited to fire at a friend
    i personally like the longshot better though

  58. longstrikefan says:

    sucks that the stock can’t come off but i like how it has a tactical rail across the top

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