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Nerf Swarmfire Blaster

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  • Series: Dart Tag Guns
  • Capacity: 20 darts
  • Range: 25 feet
  • Year Released: 2011

Now Available!

The Nerf Swarmfire Blaster is now available for purchase at

Nerf Swarmfire Blaster Review

Nerf Swarmfire Review

If one thing is certain, it’s that Nerf’s 2011 Dart Tag line blows away the Dart Tag lineups from previous years. Combining futuristic design with great performance, I’ve been pretty excited about getting my hands on these blasters, and the Nerf Swarmfire is one of the guns that turned my head when I first heard about. 20 dart capacity? Auto fire? Dart Tag? Sign me up!

Though the Swarmfire isn’t a perfect Nerf gun, it does a lot of things very well. For starters, the overall appearance is awesome. I’d grown a little tired of the orange and green Dart Tag guns from years past, and this new ‘alien’ look is great — I’m a big fan.

The blaster itself is very durable, and will hold up well to extended play. I haven’t experienced any jamming issues, and the autofire works as advertised. As with other automatic Nerf guns, the Swarmfire does require batteries to operate (6 Cs). I don’t know exactly how long you can expect the batteries to last, but I can tell you that I’ve probably put a solid half hour of firing time into mine and it’s still going strong. Considering that you can empty the blaster completely in about 10 seconds, you can expect to get pretty good life out of your batteries.

My only real complaint about the Swarmfire is that I’ve been a little spoiled by the elegance of the clip system, and it feels a little old school to manually reload all 20 darts each time.  If you don’t have a stockpile of darts at your disposal, I’d recommend picking up some extras.  Having more darts will cut down on the time you have to spend cleaning up between sessions. The Swarmfire can fire Dart Tag Darts, Suction Darts, and Whistler Darts.

The Swarmfire is also a little front heavy, but the shoulder stock does a pretty good job of balancing things out, so it’s a very nice blaster to hold.

The best thing I can say about the Swarmfire is that it’s a lot of fun to use. The gun feels good in your hands, and the automatic firing never gets old.


The Nerf Swarmfire is one of the best Dart Tag guns that Nerf has ever made. It may not be a perfect blaster, but it would still make a great addition to any Nerf arsenal.


  1. The Guard says:

    it seems to have the same handle platform as the longstrike because of the way you assemble the shoulder not sure about the rest of the gun but its going to be a great year for the nerf dart tag line

    • Kevin says:

      I agree. I’d sort of considered Dart Tag guns to be 2nd class citizens compared to N-Strike in the past, but this year we’re seeing some really great stuff.

  2. coldicebox says:

    so, 2 darts per second? slower than the stampede and vulcan but its still an automatic gun and thats awesome.

  3. ng jet lik says:

    i wan to buy anerf dart tag swarmfire
    how to buy?

  4. mandy says:

    These new nerf dart tag’s look like they will be really good. Hopefully these will be released in the UK aswell as i think they would be popular.

    • the dude says:

      you can order them off swarmfire is £47; quick 16 is £30; speedload 6 is £25; sharp shot is about £17

  5. Mike says:

    Another of my US importants and this one is a credit to Nerf. It will never replace my Stampede ECS but it certainly challenged it as an assault rifle. Though, as the OP points out, the muzzle load feels a bit old school, it does mean the gun lasts much longer in the field. In our games here at university, the Swarmfire has held its own because it can be reloaded without being disabled (i.e. clip removed or otherwise opened). The upshot of this is that it lasts long after Stampede clips have been exhausted.
    This is a gun for the longer game and is a marathon runner where the Stampede is a sprinter.

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