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Nerf Crossfire

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  • Series: Dart Tag Guns
  • Capacity: 1 dart
  • Range: 30-35 feet
  • Year Released: Unknown


The Nerf Crossfire is not available in stores. If you want to add it to your collection, your best bet is to search for it on eBay.

Nerf Crossfire Review

The Nerf Crossfire is a fantastic dart gun for its size.

The Crossfire comes in four different colors (red, orange, green, and blue), and each blaster comes with a shield and goggles.

The Crossfire gets great range right out of the box. I was immediately hitting 30-35 feet with decent accuracy, which is really impressive for a stealth-sized dart blaster like this.

If you’re comparison shopping, the Nite Finder does get a little more range than the Crossfire, but the Nite Finder is a bit larger so there’s a tradeoff decision to make there. Regardless, both are excellent guns and you can’t really go wrong with either selection.


  1. OrangeSmith says:

    This blaster has been released as both the “Crossfire” and the “Strikefire.” It also has identical internals to that of the Scout and one rendition of the Tech Target (The one that was a repainted Scout, not the one with the ring on the back, which is better). The Maverick also has an almost-identical air system to these guns. Just wanted to clear that up.

  2. THE GMoD says:

    One of the best blasters I have used. The range I get out of it is amazing in comparison to my other commonly used blasters (Raider, Longshot). Only one problem, DO NOT take it apart unless you are 100% sure what you are doing, the slide is almost impossible to put back together, I tried to mod my blue with a new spring and ended up breaking it completely. Now I only have my red.

    • Zach says:

      Best pistol from nerf I have used excellent range, accuracy, also when you cock it it doesn’t have the large stick out the back like the nite finder.

  3. Juss says:

    Amazing gun considering it’s a pistol. I luv it coz I can undermount it on my stampede and I have the nerf equivilant of a SCAR-H with an underbarrel shotgun, just with awesome range and accuracy.

  4. Sgt. Nerf says:

    Its an awesome gun with alot of power. I modded one of the darts and it shot 50-75′ at the longest and in close quarters combat, it really HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. TJ says:

    This is one of my FAVE blasters, since it can be placed on a tactical rail, like I did with my Raider. Shoots kinda over the target, so try shooting lower, like the legs. Streamlines somehow deal the most damage output, with ranges well above 35 ft. Great for integration too, I highly recommend it, esp. the 2-player set.

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