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Nerf Barricade RV-10

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  • Series: Nerf N Strike
  • Capacity: 10 darts
  • Range: 25-30 feet
  • Year Released: 2010

Now Available!

The Nerf Barricade RV-10 is now available for purchase at

Nerf Barricade RV-10 Review

The upcoming Nerf Barricade appears to be yet another fantastic addition to what has been a very strong year of Nerf N-Strike releases.

The Barricade is a motorized semi-automatic Nerf blaster with a 10 dart revolving barrel. Internally, the Barricade uses flywheels to fire the darts out of the barrel, which is pretty cool — just make sure that you use the right darts (sonic darts), so that the flywheel will ‘grab’ the darts correctly. The Barricade will require 3 AA batteries to operate.

Loading the Barricade appears to be pretty simple. You’ll have to load the darts one at a time, manually rotating the barrel as you go. To fire, just turn the switch to ‘on’, and pull the trigger. Expect average ranges to be fall in the 25-30 feet range.

There is a tactical rail on the top of the gun, so you can add your scope, favorite stock, or whatever you like. The more guns that Nerf releases, the more I love the tactical rail system.


  1. Brian says:

    I really hope your little birdies are right. I can’t wait any longer to get this gun!!! Hopefully they will be out on Black Friday and I can pick one (or two) up while I am Christmas shopping!

  2. Some Guy says:

    If you just search on Youtube there is one or two videos of this gun in action. I agree though it does look amazing, but maybe that front piece needs to be cut off? From what i know this is semi-auto, and it can fire as fast as you pull the trigger.

  3. Some Guy says:

    Sorry, but can i see a place for a stock at the back?!

  4. william says:

    i got one of these in AUS latelly and must say. if you can don ot buy and spend money on maverick.

    it has 4 more bullets than maverick and is full auto so you assume it is better. however it is not as fast to reload, only compatible with 1 ammo type, can only fire if you pull trigger, release and redo. unlike stampede no auto move to next shot. and worse issue for me is trigger (not gun) willl get jammed in and lock up gun. to fix i have to open and close jam door to force trigger to release and pray i dont jam barrwel next shot.

    NO RELIABILITY from this gun. if you need a fast emergency pistols tick to known and trusted mavericks

    • Prunes says:

      You are totally wrong. This gun shoots every type of bullet. But i agree with the trigger jam. I also have a problem with the ammo sliding out.

  5. lachie says:

    Awesome gun. great when dual weilded and a fantastic all rounder. Great rate fire and range, and really, really light.

    • lachie says:

      William is such asn over exadgerater. When he says all that stuff about fireing, is that u pull the trigger, and it fires one bullet. Semiauto. and unjamming with the release door take literally one second

      • william says:

        i pulled this back out off moths balls recently to re use. wihile it still has a slow rate of fire compared to maverick i have managed to fix jamming issue for good. this gun while being listed as an semi auto (some even list full auto) MUST have a 1 sec delay between firing next shot. if not the firing pin catches the plunger causing a gun lock. if it does lock it does only take a sec or 2 to clear but really thats game over in a pistol situation. in a fun enviroment sure its all good but ona battle field this feature is a really bad build issue.

        i have managed to drill mine to handle the suction darts but the drill was not needed. they can handle the darts if you push them in hard enough.
        i pull my original statement i made as i had not worked bugs out then but i stand by statement that while its a good gun you should add a stock to it and make it a blaster. if you need a fall back pistol there is never a reason to use this over a maverick.

        also before anyone blames me on being biast towards maverick i always buy 3 of each gun to test to get a feel across the board for design flaws vs gun flaws and have a 2nd reviewer to verify my claims.

        • Joe says:

          I have been an N-Strike guy for years. I own a Firefly-Rev-8, Two Maverick-Rev-6′s (One is clear FTW), and a few single shot blasters.

          The Maverick has always been my go-to blaster ever since I got my first one.
          But yesterday I got a Barricade RV-10 and I think I’m in love. Yes, it’s loud, and yes, it’s just a bit bigger than I’m used to, and, yes, it’s just a little bit slower on the reloading. But betwen the awesome semi-auto action and the placement of the on-off switch just above the trigger, it is fully operational with just one hand. The jam-clearing door on the shaft over the barrel that you can slide open is pure genius. And it has a whopping 10 darts, which can all be shot with one hand at one target in less than 30 seconds if you so desire. Also, it’s the only N-Strike blaster I’ve ever seen with a safety (it won’t even turn the barrel if the gun is turned off or the jam-clearing door is open). I’m also really psyched about its being sight AND stock compatible.
          I’m a big fan.

      • Prunes says:


  6. Berkut99 says:

    Yes, admittedly the Barricade can get some time to get used to, but I’m on the verge of restricting this blasters use in battle because its simply too dang good (in fact I got it for my crew as Christmas gifts simply so we can be on an equal footing). I’m reaching 40 foot ranges and a rate of fire nearly matching the Raider. And above all that I’m also getting a 4-out-of-5 dart hit rate on a moving target and have yet to get a jam. No Nerf gun I have ever used has offered this much in something so small or inexpensive. Yes, the flywheels sort of tick me off, but what are you going to do? As far as I’m concerned, the minute I hear those flywheels power up I’m more tempted to run rather than fight simply because of its performance.

  7. ekll says:

    they have it at Toys R Us

  8. Joel says:

    There’s so many awesome things about this gun that will give you an almost unfair advantage in battle. If you coupled this gun with a rifle, you would be unstoppable.

    The pros about this gun are too many to list really, so I’ll just go straight to the cons.

    This gun is loud. Forget about stealth. This gun makes a whirring noise as the flywheels spin so don’t try sneaking up on people. It won’t work.

    If the gun’s barrel is facing downwards, the odd dart has a habit of dropping out of the barrels. This is extremely frustrating so you have to be concious of keeping the gun horizontal when idle. The barrels that hold the darts are just too loose and they don’t stay in very well.

    Other than that, I’d recommend this gun to any Nerf fan from the casual to the hardcore.

    This gun rocks.

  9. Bondo says:

    I’m a big fan of nerf guns and I have purchased several for my kids and myself. The Barricade is an excellent gun–it has solid range (at least 35 feet) and is very accurate. It can jam if you squeeze the trigger too fast. Also, if playing with very little kids be careful! My daughter (6) received a welt once when a dart hit her in the throat. She wasn’t hurt because she was playing too hard to care, but I still felt horrible! The welt was gone in maybe two hours. Of our six guns (Alpha trooper, Stampede, Longshot, Recon CS-6, Maverick, and Barricade) the Barricade is the most accurate and shoots at least as far as my Longshot. I highly recommend it with the Recon stalk.

  10. Nate says:

    My friend has this gun and it looks awesome with a recon stock and a yellow long shot scope.

  11. William r. says:

    This gun is the best gun i ever had. If u got someone with more firing power this is the gun that will level out the playing field.


  12. Nick says:

    Okay, what william said about how this uses only one bullet is wrong. Because the NERF whistle bullets are so big at the tip, this uses EVERY BULLET! It uses the dart tag, streamline, and suction-cup darts too. It uses all darts in existence, which is why it’s so nice to have in fights, when you can use any fired bullet on the floor, instead of (as with the clip system) you have to scrounge for streamline darts.

  13. Scooter says:

    Hey guys wanted to tell you all that I can’t stand this gun. I’m one of those fans who wants to get a game started with 10 people but everyone wants to play CoD…anyways, this guns is painfull. It jams ALOT and sadly to say, a toddler threw it in the pool… I am really surprised that it is so cheap. It has great range. It gets annoying after awhile because it makes so much noise. I do like its range and accuracy but I would much rather have a 6 dart mavrick classic instead of a high-powered noisy clogging 10 dart machine. If you can muffel the noise then it is worth the buy!

  14. Saul says:

    This gun is awesome!!!
    Range is about 25-30 feet, though the Rate of Fire isn’t to great; the trigger locks up for half a second after each shot so it isn’t as fast a Maverick. Use one of these in one hand and a Thunderstorm in the other.

  15. jp says:

    I got this gun it is awesome except the fact that the flywheels make to much noise and the trigger can get occasionally jammed. But definitely get it it is awesome

  16. Splofot says:

    We definitely shouldn’t forget The main bonus of The Barricade compaired to The Maverick. You don’t have to pull a handle or something after every shot… So you Can have a dual wield! Finally I Can do The Resident Evil/Lara Croft style with Nerf! Awesome!

  17. Cassius says:

    + Rate of fire can easily be 2 darts per second (but see cons)
    + Capacity (10 per reload, best out of any “sidearm”)
    + Range (don’t know any exact figures, but out-the-box it’s pretty far, compared to other guns)

    + Jams; frequency tends to mirror attempted rate of fire. Basically, the faster you try to fire, the more likely a jam.
    + Accuracy; gun is heavy for its size. This, combined with one handed grip and rate of fire, can lead to occasionally dodgy accuracy. This is not strictly the fault of the gun; holding it with 2 hands, with Recon stock and aiming down the sights can be incredibly accurate.
    + Noise; obviously stealth is a no-no!

    Overall rating: Solid 9/10.

  18. JumBa says:

    I got one and it’s pretty awesome. One bad thing that I found was that the flywheels take a bit of time to “charge”… Still, if your buying, go ahead

  19. The Guard says:

    I just got the barricade. its pretty good but i havent been able to go outside with it. it does get jams but thats partly human error. you just have to press the trigger firm and hard so it doesnt jam. and during reloading instead of turning the barrel by hand you could pull the jam door back and leave the switch on. then when putting darts just pull the trigger to turn. it is definitely loud but having a war outside will partly fix this problem. what ever you do DO NOT have a night battle. i had one the other night and i was taken out in a matter of seconds.

  20. Elliot says:

    I’ve found that suction darts also work but are not as powerful
    In my opinion, the best looking combination is with the stock from a raider and the scope from a longshot

  21. Jonny says:

    Just got this gun yesterday along with the rapid fire as 20. Now, this gun has totally convinced me that Nerf knows how to make a perfect gun. Some say it Jams, but it hasn’t jammed for me yet, however this is only my second day of using it. I can get mine to go up to 3 DPS (for the noobs: Darts Per Second). Although the motor has an unpleasant humming noise, if you’re going stealth, use the maverick. Lighter, slightly further, and slighty more accurate. Although if you’re like me (a dude who likes assaulting random dudes) this is perfect, because it has the rate of fire of the alpha trooper/raider, but is definitely lighter, smaller, and less bulky. and semi auto so you don’t have to tire your arm pumping like a drug-crazed nazi and therefore lose your ability to pump temporarily and get shot a billion times with 2 barricades. Also, what other gun can you dual-wield? impossible for maverick, since you have to somehow cock one of your guns with your hand that has another gun in it, making it useless. Then the stampede is too big. But the Barricade is small, light, and high rate of fire. so BUY IT!!!!

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