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Nerf Avengers Big Bad Bow

nerf avengers bow

Nerf just announced that they will re-releasing the Big Bad Bow to promote the upcoming Avengers movie.

It looks exactly like the original Big Bad Bow, with the addition of the Avengers branding on the side. I’m doubtful that Nerf will be making any performance improvements, but that’s ok. The good news is that we have another weapon back on the shelves.

I’ve been a fan of Nerf bows since the first Nerf Bow and Arrow came out when I was a kid. Bows may not be ideal weapons for full-on Nerf wars, but in terms of pure fun they’re tough to beat.

The Avengers Big Bad Bow is scheduled for release in March of 2012, just in time for the movie’s release.


  1. gabriel says:

    my friend has this gun but it doesn’t seem to have to good of accuracy and is probably not too good for full on nerf wars and the rockets fly really strangely this gun I recommend for youtube videos and roleplaying if you’re going to buy this as your first nerf gun I wouldn’t recommend this gun instead start off with the maverick

    • Kevin says:

      You’re right. It’s not good for Nerf wars (no arrow guns really are), but it’s still fun to play with in close quarters.

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